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    Go 7 paces to the West, then spin 3.64 times and walk 10.5 paces forward. There I am.
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    I'm not sure yet honestly. I just can't decide... I've never gone to one before, but it does look interesting. I'm just not sure that I want to spend the money. :dunno:
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    Thanks Arbor! :cheers:
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    Oh wow, I should have looked more closely, I only now realized that this thread existed. My name's Chris. I'm a college grad in Reno, NV who works for a contracting firm directed toward power plants (mostly nuclear). I only recently read ASOIAF, but I loved it! And I came up with a whole bunch of theories in my head as I was reading and I then came hereto see if anyone else shared my theories. So far, a few people have agreed. :wideeyed: