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  1. This was a really great episode, and I am really surprised how well the battle measured up to those filmed with a much bigger budget (such as Helm's Deep or Pelennor Fields). It was superbly done. I cannot see how they could've done the battle more justice on the show's budget. For that alone this episode should be given an award.
  2. The Hound was awesome. Not only his fighting, but also his dry comment to Joffrey. Joffrey: "I want to see them executed." Hound: "They want the same for you." The Hound not only despises Joffrey for his cruelty and cowardice, I think, he also respects Sansa for her courage. She threw Joff's crying on the Kingsroad right in his face when he was teasing Tommen about crying over Myrcella leaving.
  3. I loved this episode. The storylines were juggled nicely and the episode just flew by. The changes worked for me. The taking of Winterfell really surprised me as a starter, but it was a really intense chapter, especially for Theon. The only thing that felt a bit rushed there was that they put the (apparent) escape from Winterfell in the same episode. At Harrenhal the Tywin/Arya interactions might be out of character for Tywin, but they help explain why Arya doesn't choose Tywin for her next victim. For the show it made sense to have Littlefinger negotiate the Lannister/Tyrell alliance on both ends, but since we have no real measure of time passing on the show it really feels as if he's everywhere. Great introduction of Ygritte, although they expanded it quite a bit and deviated from the book. But in my opinion the great Icelandic vistas made it all worthwhile. The riot scene and the aftermath were great, especially Tyrion still in shock and in dwarf-rage at the same time, and of course the Hound. My only gripe with this is that apparently all horses in King's Landing have already been eaten. Why would the king's procession be on foot? Okay, budget, animals on set, all difficult to handle, but no horses at all? Finally, Dany's storyline got a twist which I really liked. Stealing the dragons is a major deviation from the books, but seeing as everyone wants her dragons, it still seems plausible. Saving her children from the warlocks adds to the urgency for the mother of dragons to go there. Also, I was under the impression that they pitched the dragons' screams to sound a bit like crying babies. Or am I imagining things? In my opinion strongest episode so far.
  4. I don't remember anything about a vault but I might be wrong there. I agree with you though about changes to Dany's story. Actually I hope so, because in the books (especially later on) her POV becomes rather tedious. Judging from the short preview of the sixth episode there will be some sort of conflict with the Thirteen, or was that the House of the Undying. Really unsure about that one. I am also curious how the dragons will be used in the series, now that we have seen Drogon and one of the other two again (couldn't tell which). Of course I know Drogon will show us some "dracarys" soon, but I am wondering about Rhaegal and Viserion. It all depends on the CGI budget I guess, a majority of which will be used for the Blackwater. So how much dragon action can the show afford this season?
  5. I noticed some woman at Xaro's garden party mention the Meereenese merchants in Qarth or something to that effect. Was that just some name-dropping, or will it play a role this season?
  6. Great episode. Considering the changes that the writers felt were necessary, it's still amazing how much of the book they transfer to the series. The Fist of the First Men might differ from the book, but one has to admire the scenery of Iceland and the logistics of filming there. Dolorous Edd is great, I didn't pick up on his humour so much on my first read, but he is hilarious. Great chemistry between him, Grenn and Sam. Tyrion great as ever but I think the best line of this episode goes to Wisdom Hallyne: "Our order does not deal in pigshit."
  7. I think they said "drakharis", which is supposed to be High Valyrian. It's the command Dany trains them to make them breathe fire, as I recall. When Drogon's cage is put away, we also get a glimpse of one of the other dragons, but I am not sure which one.
  8. Arya as Tywin's cupbearer works IMO. It seems more convincing to me that a nobleman like Tywin would protect a girl from all the terrible men around her, rather than someone as creepy as Bolton or Weeze offering that protection. Will be interesting to see who Arya has Jaqen kill instead of Weeze though.
  9. One thing I forgot to mention was Tyrion getting some "remedy" from Pycelle which I am quite sure is destined for Cersei in the next episode. So while Cersei will be indisposed for parts of episode 4, that gives Tyrion the opportunity to start putting into place his defense plans for King's Landing without her interference. At least I am hoping to see some wildfire and the chain links too.
  10. It was also nice to see they kept a lot of Bran and Maester Luwin's talk about dreams and magic. That's a detail I wouldn't have expected to make it into the series.
  11. I gave it a 9, but only because I expect some of the coming episodes to top this one. Nonetheless, the episode flowed nicely, the new introductions were well handled and it didn't feel that rushed. I expect we'll see more of Dragonstone and Dany's little khalasar next time, but it felt right to leave them out this time and establish Renly and his retinue. The Baratheon sigil in Tyrell colours on all the banners visualizes his alliance quite nicely.
  12. I love how they kept in Tyrion's plot to test the loyalty of the council members, although I don't quite understand why they changed it from offering Tommen as a ward to Dorne to offering Myrcella to Theon in marriage. In my opinion that doesn't make the plan any easier to understand. I liked how they tightened up the Arya storyline. Although of course some details are lost, that was very well done, and all the major points are there (Lommy and Yoren dead, Jaqen saved, Gendry and Arya caught). It was a very nice touch to add Yoren's backstory, and it set up Arya's future habit of reciting all the people she wants dead as a kind of prayer.
  13. I'd give this episode an 8. The scenes on the Wall, with Jon and Mormont and Jon and Aemon, were well done, I also liked the Dothraki scenes. We finally see Jorah fight. And the horse sacrifice was ... well ... bloody. Walder Frey was great, although I imagined him older-looking. Bantering with Catelyn, putting his offspring in their place, and fondling his teenage wife, all at the same time. While I agree that the bonding scene with Bronn, Shae and Tyrion was a bit long, I liked the feel of that sequence. And I think Sibel Kekilli will be great as Shae in season 2. As for the Battles-Not-Appearing-In-This-Film, I felt a bit disappointed at first due to the build-up with armies marching on one another, but I understand that there are budget reasons. I thought it was a clever idea just to show the aftermath of the Green Fork. At that moment I guessed they chose not to show that battle in order to show at least some of the Whispering Wood. Even considering the budget constraints, I still think the Whispering Wood could have been handled differently. You don't need to have to big armies clashing as it's basically an ambush. Maybe they could have shown the aftermath of that battle too as they did with the Green Fork, with fighting dying down and only a couple of soldiers cutting the remaining foes down. At least the capture of Jaime should have got some screen time in my opionion, to give both him and possibly Robb some fighting time. That said, I'd rather they did not show these battles of which there are no POVs in the books anyway, than not showing the Blackwater later on in the series. But if the producers do not show them, at least give the audience a hint why Robb splits his forces. Dramatically, it makes sense for the audience to find out that Robb's not at the Green Fork at the same time as the Lannisters, but the whole point of dividing the army is lost without some exposition. It could have been easily done. Take a map (as in episode 8), take some markers (cups, coins, chess pieces) to point out where the Starks and the Lannisters are, where Riverrun is and why it's so important. And then some bannerman of Robb's, the Greatjon for example, could say something along the lines of "You can't fight two battles with just one army, boy!" and THEN the non-reader might understand why Robb and most of his men didn't show up at the Green Fork.
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