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    Not sure if this has been picked up before but i didn't catch it, in aDWD; the politline surrounding Aegon is very similar to an episode in Russian history. Boris Godunov was in a similar position to Hand of the King, and was alleged to have ordered the murder of the Tsar's nephew, Dimitri, and upon the Tsars death succeeded the throne. (Kind of similar to Robert's Rebellion although i realise its not quite the same.) Where it becomes interesting however, is that following Boris/Robert's death (over fifteen years later, similar timeline) a civil war erupts where a prince claiming to be Dimitri invades from Poland, and eventually claims the throne. This is pretty similar (IMO) to Aegon's current conquest of Westeros. Its interesting that historians currently believe that the Dimitri was (in order or likelihood); a pretender who was raised to believe he was the true Dimitri, an out-and-out liar, or actually the Prince Dimitri. Perhaps further proof for the speculation elsewhere that Aegon is a normal child raised to believe he is Aegon V?