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  1. MT @necenarro: @Oeming + @BRIANMBENDIS get @warrenellis to play himself // nice. but if they hire an actor -> @henryrollins !! #PowersFX

  2. kudos to @grantland33 + @sepinwall for demolishing AMC's #TheKilling - providing some catharsis since the show didn't.

  3. New @TweetDeck feature should be: when @BKBMG tweets, everyone in your feed scatters to other columns. #OmarComing

  4. citizenmilton

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    Some more n00b questions: -Is the 7th book planned to be the final book in the series? -I know ASOIAF is loosely based on events in European history, but, it's actually a fantasy world. Therefore, as a viewer in the year 2011, the lack of racial diversity on the show could become a bit of a drawback. Are there obvious opportunities for more diversity in upcoming years? -What has George RR Martin's relationship w/ fans been like? Is he reclusive, engaged, or somewhere in the middle? Thanks again for all the orientation help.
  5. Canada, you're doing it wrong. Riot when your team wins. Or if you're Cleveland.

  6. Shorter LeBron postgame: "It's God's fault I lost, you all have crummy lives and I'm rich"

  7. To-do list for next Geneva conventions: add "watching trailers for Kevin James movies" to definition of torture

  8. Jason Terry with a classic "don't take that sh.... GREAT SHOT!" #Mavs

  9. Grantland http://t.co/bYvJFIr off to a fine start. Fun JuCo hoop story, LeBrondown II, HBO troupe + (gasp) a way to watch reality TV? kudos

  10. Is there a single frame of footage from the Green Lantern movie that hasn't already been shown?

  11. Anderson Cooper remembers The Alamo (Drafthouse)… http://t.co/WeDbk53 via @indiewire #MagnitedStatesOfAmerica

  12. Darn. The only useful thing left for the #Mavs was to lose in 5 gams so #Heat would celebrate on the road. It's inevitable. Get it over with