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  1. I want a speech bubble coming from the squid, with those very words!
  2. Can somebody photoshop 'Jack' in the review quote to 'Ash'?
  3. Does it do more than just swap? There's a logistics in threatening demenour. To be controversial, for example, I think women don't traditionally get the idea of taking pride in their capacity to physically overwhelm - say a man loses to a man in an arm wrestle - when the guy he loses to took pride in his physical capacity, the guy who lost can take some small pride in at least saying he lost to someone who can (and does) take bigger pride in their capacity. This allows them to fall into a sort of pecking order in regard tot he matter (or preferably an understanding of relative position). But if a man loses to a woman in arm wrestling but the woman takes no pride in that physical capacity to overwhelm, then the man can take no small pride in his loss and no mutual understand of position can occur. I'm not sure female culture at the current time really gets that and how it's integral to forming a social structure. Just being fierce just makes you psychotic. Does it get into the politics of martial power, or just try and confer 'fierce' and 'warrior' to a female as if they are just states that are had somehow? (come to think of it, that goes for 'soft' and 'beautiful' as well. They have their own politics)
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