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  1. Is Selyse Florent Baratheon's hair color ever described in the books? On the show it appears to be reddish or brown with a red cast, but it's hard to tell for sure. TIA
  2. The sudden shift in subject left Davos uneasy. "Sword?" "A sword plucked from fire, yes. Men tell me things, it is my pleasant smile. How shall a burnt sword serve Stannis?" "A burning sword," corrected Davos. I believe that Davos' correction is...incorrect. The sword is a man and the man is burned. Our Hound (involuntarily) gave his face to the fire, the same way Varys (involuntarily) gave his private parts. Both seem to have gotten messages in the flames from the Red God. Thoughts on the Red Sword of Heroes being more metaphorical than a particular metal sword? I think Clegane qualifies in many ways.
  3. glassgardens

    No mention this season regarding "who should get the Dreadfort"

    Pretty sure that Sansa is keeping it to give to either her second son (first son gets Winterfell). She might even give it to Sandor Clegane if she needs to Lord him up before she puts a handfast ribbon on it.
  4. Let's say that the guards at the Bloody Gate welcome Arya Stark, niece of the late Lysa Arryn, into the Eyrie. Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark see that Sansa Stark is there, under the control of Littlefinger. What then?
  5. Yes. This. The Starks owed the Freys for use of their "very important bridge." Walder Frey wanted a Stark to marry a Frey. If Robb was taken (by Jeyne Westerling or Talisa Maegyr), the next in line to be sold off was Sansa. The Starks were short on children to give away, so they talked Edmure into doing it instead. I'm just wondering if Robb (and/or Cat) would have done that to Sansa.
  6. Does Sansa Stark become the bride of Black Walder or Lothar in an alternate universe in which Sandor Clegane successfully brings Sansa Stark to KITN Robb at Riverrun?
  7. glassgardens

    Sandor Clegane stans only

    IMHO, this is the best of all the Hound fanvids in existence. (Except maybe that "upvote for Sandor to survive" Cleganebowl hype one.)
  8. glassgardens

    Who told the lie that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna?

    I am shooketh. It would be completely in character for Aerys to have his own son/heir/crown prince killed in battle if he suspected the son of betraying him. That son of a bitch killed Jon's daddy. Forever useless Bobby B was just the blunt instrument.
  9. glassgardens

    Who told the lie that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna?

    The kidnapping is true. The raping and malice part is the lie. Lyanna, the Knight of the Laughing Tree, was being hunted by Aerys. There was a price on her head. Rhaegar grabbed her before Aerys could get to her first and hid her to keep her safe. Things escalated from there. R&L fell in love, got married, made Jon. Bobby B had a conniption, Brandon Stark yelled at Aerys and got executed, etc etc war.
  10. As Jorah once told Dany right after Drogo died, that competing khals would kill her baby by Drogo and start raping her and impregnating her with THEIR heirs. The animal kingdom is littered with examples of infanticide. A new alpha male often starts off his "reign" by killing the offspring of the defeated alpha. Those children are a waste of his resources and efforts and if the mother is nursing them, she's not bearing and nursing his children. Similarly, the entire first book addresses how much Cat loathes bastard Jon as a potential threat to Robb, Bran and Rickon. If Rhaegar had won at the Trident and brought Lyanna to court as queen, there is immediately massive tension between the northernmost kingdom and Dorne. Could he control them or would it devolve into civil war, with each side fighting for their Aegon to have an advantage for the throne.