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  1. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    Hopefully, they will be better. She should be close to kicking butt amongst the Dothraki once they realize she rides a dragon. And once she returns to the battle, on a dragon, with a bunch of Dothraki behind her, she will be in kick-butt mode as well. Dany in kick-butt mode is so much better than moon over Daario mode. The rest of those chapters will be battle chapters from Tyrion's or Barristan's perspective. Or possibly Victarion's. Those should be good.
  2. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    Agreed. Perhaps some fresh sample chapters as a show of good faith? At least we'd have something to talk about along with (perhaps) some evidence that progress is being made.
  3. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    I hate to be a negative Nancy, but I still do not think this ever gets finished. I mean, we are close to 20 years since GRRM last published a complete, main sequence, ASOIAF novel, Storm in 2000. I do not count Feast and Dance. Remember they were split so he could complete the story arcs.....and then he did not complete the story arcs. But fear not! This was supposed to be a boon, as 200-300 pages of Winds were already written! The chapters purged from Feast/Dance gave him a huge head start on Winds and it would be out much faster than Feast & Dance since it was nearly halfway done already! Whatever. Since Dance, GRRM has published: The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister (2013), The Princess & The Queen (2013), The Rogue Prince (2014), The World of Ice & Fire (2014), The Ice Dragon (2014, reworked), A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (2015, compilation), The Sons of the Dragon (2017), Fire & Blood (2018) plus Nightflyers. Six ASOIAF projects (not counting the compilation), plus reworking Ice Dragon plus Nightflyers. That is one a year. He is not slacking. No writer's block. He just does not seem to write this particular story. I think he keeps pushing it back until a year or so after the show ends and then admits he is not going to finish it.
  4. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    Do we have anything approaching a timeline for how far ahead/behind the various Starks & arcs are relative to each other? Dany/Tyrion/Barristan/Victarion Arya Jon/Mel Bran Stannis/Theon/Asha Sansa Brienne/UnCat Jaime Jon Con/Arianne Sam Davos
  5. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    Interesting thoughts. For me, I think Mercy is paving the way for an exit. The act of killing Raff was Arya Stark, not Mercy, and not no one. She is becoming a Stark again. How the split manifests with the FM, and how Arya gets backs to Westeros, and what she tries to accomplish are the biggest questions for me. Have always had a sneaking suspicion Stoneheart will see one of her kids alive again. Arya seems like the best bet at the moment. Nymeria is in the Riverlands and I think the pack plays a role. I will push back on the idea that Arya has not gotten training, on how to kill, and put it to good use. First, she has learned how to become someone else, which is step 1 for an assassin. It is how you get close to someone. An assassin who can become anybody can get close to anybody & everybody. Also great for info gathering & spying. As are her skills about using her other senses, observation, and being able to lie and tell when someone is lying. Those are also good for establishing & maintaining cover, and sorting good info from bad. She also has had extensive training on poisons and learned how to use them effectively without even raising suspicion that there has been a murder at all. At this stage, she can get in, assess the situation, penetrate close to the target, kill them, and get away without even using a blade or attracting attention or alerting folks to the fact there was an assassination. And we haven't even talked warging yet. Woe to those on the list when she gets home. For reference, the list is: Dead: Jeoffrey, Tywin, Lorch, Weese, Chiswyck, Polliver, the Tickler, Raff the Sweetling Thought dead: the Mountain Alive: Cersei, Ilyn Payne, Meryn Trant, Dunsen. She knows she made a mistake killing Weese & Chiswyck instead of Tywin. She will not make that mistake again. When she learns about the Red Wedding (Frey) and the Boltons in Winterfell (Ramsay or Roose) I think they make the list. Cersei, Freys or Boltons. KL or Winterfell.
  6. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    The Four Battles in TWoW

    Good perspectives. You guys have livened up Oldtown for me. I think the fleet from Volantis will turn on the slavers & fight on Dany's side, against the Ironborn if necessary. Thoughts?
  7. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    The Four Battles in TWoW

    1. Winterfell/Ice. Frey pie. Great Northern Conspiracy. Tiny Mormont looms large. Stannis. Theon. Asha. Plus the possibility of how/if Jon, Mel, Bran, Davos, Sansa, and/or Arya get involved. 2. Fire/Mereen. Barristan is bold again. Tyrion. Dany. Dothraki. Victarion. Volantis fleet. Marwyn. The Horn. A white dragon for Tyrion? The end of Slavers Bay for real this time. Dany becomes a queen for real. Big gap. 3. Storms End/Soutlh/KL? Young Grif, JonCon, Arianne. Perhaps Cersei at some point. Or a Tyrell. Only one is gonna be lefylt when Dany arrives. 4. Oldtown.
  8. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    I see it as a big 3 and a little 3. Big 3 = Essos + North/Wall/Winterfell + KL/Young Griff. Little 3 are Sam/Oldtown, Brienne/Jaime & Arya. Arya is a wildcard & could pop up anywhere. Assuming Sansa gets pulled north. 1. Essos. Dany. Tyrion. Barristan. Battle of Mereen. Victarion. Marwyn. Moqorro. A fleet from Volantis (slaves gonna fight FOR Dany, I would think). Euron's hand may reveal itself. The mystery of the Horn. Tyrion & a white dragon. Dany leading Dothraki. Dany growing up and sorting it out before she leaves for Westeros. 2. Winterfell/Wall/North/Others. Got to be #2. Jon, Mel, Stannis, Asha, Theon, and Bran are certainly involved here. And most likely Sansa/Littlefinger at some point as well. Sansa needs to get control & help Winterfell. Perhaps Davos/Rickon as well. Wall gonna fall and a Stark needs to be at Winterfell. The end of the Boltons. 3. KL/South. Cersei, Tyrell's, Young Griff, Jon Con, Arrianne. Perhaps Jaime & Brienne get pulled in as well. I wonder if Brienne somehow gets put in Jaime's shoes somehow. A chance to ignobly remove a disasterous/imposter monarch (Cersei or Griff) or honorably serve insane/fake? Anyway, time for Cersei to go, somehow.
  9. I get where yoy are coming from here, considering Feast/Dance, but I will maintain it is a GOOD thing. 1) I would prefer Feast/Dance part deux to years more of nothing as GRRM tries to do the impossible and finish this in 2 books. I think the story would be streamlined too quickly and would feel like a hatchet job. Or we'd get nothing. 2) Hopefully they do it better than last time. A) Do not cut main characters entirely out of WoW1, especially Dany, Tyrion, & Jon. Cut back on some if you must (Sam, Theon, Sansa, Davos, Bran, Arya, Jaime, Brienne, Asha, Arrianne), but keep the ball rolling forward. 2) Try to integrate the timelines better. No more book 2 happening before book 1. 3) FFS, give us some conclusion to the main arcs. No waiting for TWO books so you can supposedly complete all the arcs & then have a bunch of cliffhangers. In both books. That was awful. Complete the main ones, whichever they are for Winds (Dany, Winterfell, Wall, Jon/Con, Cersei?). Stop most of the others short of tune in next week territory. 1-2 cliffs at most. Or none. Fine with Kevan's killing type stuff.
  10. I have not been optimistic he would finish for some time. What he needs to do is abandon this two book nonsense. If it takes three, or four, so be it. Just don't make them half ass cliffhangers like Feast/Dance.
  11. Feast/Dance is when it really started to come unwound. Regardless of it was ever well wound to begin with. Jordan lost the Wheel of Time in book 7. Or started to. Things were really unwound by book 10. He got it back together in book 11 but then passed away. I think we may be looking at a similar deal here. GRRM has to finish Dance first (I mean, all those cliffhangers were BS). Then he has to get everything back on track from the current unwound, unsynched mess he is in now. I think step 1 should be admitting 2 books is not enough. Keep some meat on the bones. Do not cut stuff just to cut stuff. But FFS, finish the arcs within the book. I do not really care if Theon is left hanging, but not Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Sansa, & Arya. GRRM either has to kill off some POVs or bring a lot of them together. As of now: Mereen = 4. Dany, Tyrion, Barristan, Victarion (Aeron). Braavos = 1. Arya. ------------------ The Wall = 2. Jon & Mel. North of the Wall = 1. Bran ---------------- Winterfell = 2. Theon & Asha. Riverlands = 2. Jaime & Brienne + Stoneheart. Stormlands = 2. Jon Con & Arianne. Kings Landing = 1. Cersei. The Vale = 1. Sansa The Citadell = 1. Sam. Skagos = 1. Davos. Dorne = 1. Areo Hotah.
  12. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Put my in the camp that thinks ASOIAF will not be competed during GRRM's lifetime. Let's look at the facts. 1) GRRM has written two ASOIAF main sequence novels in the last 17 years. Two. A Storm of Swords was published in 2000. 2) Five years from Storm to Feast (2000-2005). Six years from Feast to Dance (2005-2011). And now 7+ from Dance to Winds. 3) All this slowing down despite the facts that each book should have had significant content written for it during the attempt at the previous work. A lot of the Dany/Jon/Tyrion stuff from Dance should have been done since the decision to split the books came later. Or at least a significant portion of it. And after Dance was cut short, the Battle of Mereen, Battle of Winterfell, Jon's resolution at the Wall stuff should have already been done. Plus we had a slew of other chapters done early (Barristan, Aeron, Theon, Arrianne, Mercy, Alayne, etc). We were assured that the fact that Dance got cut short meant that a lot of Winds was already done & a speedy next novel would come now that the 5 year gap/Mereneese knot problems were solved. Well, 7 years later... 4) During the intervening time, GRRM has delved into numerous side novels, prequels, & other projects. Whilst Winds still isn't written. 5) Looking at it a certain way, he hasn't really wrote a compete ASOIAF novel in the last 17 years. As the whole Feast/Dance fiasco shows. Since he couldn't fit all of the plot lines into one book, he split off the plots of Dany, Jon, & Tyrion into Dance, whilst events in KL & vicinity were in Feast. Thus, he could (supposedly) tell two complete stories rather than one incomplete one followed by the resolutions in the second one. Except he didn't finish the plotlines in Dance. Jon Snow is in a cliffhanger. Dany's situaion in Mereen is far from resolved. Nor is Winterfell. Heck, even some stuff from Feast went unresolved. Cersei's trial. Brienne/Cat/Jaimie. The last book where all the storylines were included & resolved was Storm. 17 years ago. 6) GRRM is 68. At this rate, he'll be at least 75 when Spring comes out. That's if Winds makes it out next year AND there are only two more books. And if the pace doesn't slow more. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not saying this to act entitled. GRRM doesn't owe me a thing (though his publisher is another matter). If he wants to write prequels & other stuff, he can do whatever he wants. However, my reading of the facts suggests that he hasn't really completed a complete ASOIAF novel since 2000 & the two he has completed in the intervening time were incomplete (via Dany/Jon/Tyrion not being in Feast & Dance not having resolutions of any plotlines, which was the whole reason d'etre for splitting the books in the first place). He seems more interested in writing other stuff & other projects (which do get finished). And now the show will finish first. He's been months away for years. I think the prudent thing to do is for GRRM to accept the fact that he needs 3 books to do it right. Finish Winds instead of trying to cram so much into it that it feels wrong. However, I think GRRM is so stale on the project that he wants to get it over in 2 books rather than three. Hence, he writes & doesn't like it & has to rewrite, etc.
  13. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    How would you rate episode 504?

    I'm with the camp that says this was a terrible espisode. Really awful. D&D just seem to be killing of characters for shock value as the story runs out of steam. Of course, GW and Barristan aren't necesasrily dead. . . . The Best: Shireen and Stannis Still pretty good: Mel and Jon; Tyrion; Bronn and Jaime; Cersei & Tommen Super [email protected]: Sand Snakes, Unsullied breaking formation; Sansa and Littlefinger; Mereen Sansa coos after Littlefinger abandons here to Ramsay snow, yet "she's learned from the best?" They really didn't put much (any) effort into building that up. That's the Harry the Heir/SweetRobin Eyrie stuff they skipped.
  14. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    How would you rate episode 502?

    Five. Not optimistic about much of anything at the moment. Dumbing down and condensation of characters continue. Nothing real bad except the Jaime/Cersei line, which has been mangled since the 'rape' scene. Mereen is what it is. Daario 2.0 continues to undewhelm and now is Brown Ben and Belwas as well. And we have the Grey Worm/Missy sort of romance taking time away from things that could/should have been developed better. Ditto in Dorne with no Arianne or Quentyn. The abandoment of the Iron Islands plot (is Balon still alive in the show?), and the Riverlands being completely different. Was looking forward to Arya and the House of Black and White, and was a bit let down. And ANOTHER MEETING AT AN INN. Yikes, come now. Really sour since D&D messed up the Tyrion/Jaime scene to end S4. That was really inexcusable. I actually liked the first episode better.
  15. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Just so. Brienne is in almost the exact position Jaime was. She has sworn an oath to follow someone who has become insane and is now a danger to everyone around them who they see as enemies. And are prone to see anyone as an enemy at any given time. Will she make the same choice Jaime did? Will she have to? Anyway, I love this part of the story.