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  1. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    Good news? Bad news?

    Wait, seriously? Martin has published a TON of stuff since Dance. Just not a main sequence ASOIAF novel. Wild Cards. ASOIAF guidebooks, coloring books, graphic novels. Dangerous Women short stories. And more. Plus stuff like Nighflyers on TV. And pitching HBO on other series. https://www.bookseriesinorder.com/george-r-r-martin/
  2. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    Good news? Bad news?

    While I acknowledge that GRRM owes me exactly nothing, this kind of ticks me off. Not that statement specifically, but the whole situation. GRRM has not finished a complete, main sequence ASOAIF novel since Storm. 19 years ago. And no, I do not count Feast OR Dance. As both books had only half the characters AND failed to complete many of the plotlines. The whole reason for the split was so that the arcs would be completed, and then they were not. Not in Feast nor in Dance. Cersei's Trial? Nope. Jaime/Brienne? Nope. Jon Snow? Cliffhanger. Battle of Mereen? Nope. Winterfell? Nope. But the upside was that since the arcs were not done, Winds was over 1/3 finished with the stuff that was not published. And would be out quicker. Whatever. I am boycotting Martin until it is finished.
  3. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    Death scene: Lyanna Mormont

    You are not wrong on dragonglass/wights. But this was a good death for Lyanna. Fierce & unyielding. Maybe there are some bastard Mormonts on the island to continue the bloodline.
  4. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    Death scene: Jorah Mormont

    Yep, aside from teleporting characters where they need to be across space & time (which the show does all the time), I thought the scene was excellent. Very similar to The Departure of Boromir.
  5. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    It was obvious as hell Arya was the best candidate to kill the NK. I thought NOT putting her with Bran was the dumbest thing about last episode, which was fantastic. Her ability to sneak up on anyone has been beaten into the ground recently. We have seen her do the dagger trick. We know VS kills WW. We know the NK at least fears Jon as a threat (he did not go 1 v 1 with him when given a chance). When Mel delivered her speech about Blue eyes & Beric being brought back to keep her alive, it was confirmation city, especially after Drogon failed. As for Cersei, Arya would have to kill Euron first to make a mask, and that will be difficult. I think the Valonqar prophecy will control here. It has to be Jaime. After they learn of her sending Bronn to kill them.
  6. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    Death scene: Melisandre

    I had no issue with Mel dying. Though I am not convinced it was a suicide. I think it plausible that: 1) She was well past her expiration date and only the LoL was keeping her alive. 2) LoL was keeping her alive for a specific purpose. To help defeat the NK. 3) Once accomplished, she knew her time was up. Like Beric. She was going to die anyway. This is just how she chose to meet her imminent death. Theon charged instead of running. Lyanna roared defiance & charged. Jorah did a nice Deoarture of Boromir with Dany. Mel decided to be herself for one last brief moment and walk towards the dawn. Towards the the light. Towards her Lord. A damn near perfecting ending. Cannot believe folks think Mel was evil at any point. What show have ya'll been watching? She was just a fanatic for a while. That is what changed.
  7. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    Who can be gendry's mother? a targaryen?

    I doubt Cersei would: A. Lose track of her own son. You know how she feels about her children. No matter how sickly (Sweetrobin). B. Order him killed. Also, Mel does/did not need Targ blood for spells, just King's Blood. Robert & Stannis' worked just fine. As did Shireen's (show).
  8. That would be great news, if true. But I certainly haven't gleaned that from anything I have read. Nor has anyone else. I guess that explains the muted reaction. Please, point me to the part where the manuscript is done.
  9. I hope so. I'd much rather have a good two volumes than a truncated one volume. The issue with Feast/Dance was that despite splitting them up, GRRM still did mot complete many of the arcs. If there is a split, we cannot be left hanging (Trials & battles not completed, Jon lying stabbed). I do not see how this would delay anything as they are released together. And it would (hopefully) make writing the finale easier.
  10. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    Hopefully, they will be better. She should be close to kicking butt amongst the Dothraki once they realize she rides a dragon. And once she returns to the battle, on a dragon, with a bunch of Dothraki behind her, she will be in kick-butt mode as well. Dany in kick-butt mode is so much better than moon over Daario mode. The rest of those chapters will be battle chapters from Tyrion's or Barristan's perspective. Or possibly Victarion's. Those should be good.
  11. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    Agreed. Perhaps some fresh sample chapters as a show of good faith? At least we'd have something to talk about along with (perhaps) some evidence that progress is being made.
  12. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    I hate to be a negative Nancy, but I still do not think this ever gets finished. I mean, we are close to 20 years since GRRM last published a complete, main sequence, ASOIAF novel, Storm in 2000. I do not count Feast and Dance. Remember they were split so he could complete the story arcs.....and then he did not complete the story arcs. But fear not! This was supposed to be a boon, as 200-300 pages of Winds were already written! The chapters purged from Feast/Dance gave him a huge head start on Winds and it would be out much faster than Feast & Dance since it was nearly halfway done already! Whatever. Since Dance, GRRM has published: The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister (2013), The Princess & The Queen (2013), The Rogue Prince (2014), The World of Ice & Fire (2014), The Ice Dragon (2014, reworked), A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (2015, compilation), The Sons of the Dragon (2017), Fire & Blood (2018) plus Nightflyers. Six ASOIAF projects (not counting the compilation), plus reworking Ice Dragon plus Nightflyers. That is one a year. He is not slacking. No writer's block. He just does not seem to write this particular story. I think he keeps pushing it back until a year or so after the show ends and then admits he is not going to finish it.
  13. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    Do we have anything approaching a timeline for how far ahead/behind the various Starks & arcs are relative to each other? Dany/Tyrion/Barristan/Victarion Arya Jon/Mel Bran Stannis/Theon/Asha Sansa Brienne/UnCat Jaime Jon Con/Arianne Sam Davos
  14. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    Interesting thoughts. For me, I think Mercy is paving the way for an exit. The act of killing Raff was Arya Stark, not Mercy, and not no one. She is becoming a Stark again. How the split manifests with the FM, and how Arya gets backs to Westeros, and what she tries to accomplish are the biggest questions for me. Have always had a sneaking suspicion Stoneheart will see one of her kids alive again. Arya seems like the best bet at the moment. Nymeria is in the Riverlands and I think the pack plays a role. I will push back on the idea that Arya has not gotten training, on how to kill, and put it to good use. First, she has learned how to become someone else, which is step 1 for an assassin. It is how you get close to someone. An assassin who can become anybody can get close to anybody & everybody. Also great for info gathering & spying. As are her skills about using her other senses, observation, and being able to lie and tell when someone is lying. Those are also good for establishing & maintaining cover, and sorting good info from bad. She also has had extensive training on poisons and learned how to use them effectively without even raising suspicion that there has been a murder at all. At this stage, she can get in, assess the situation, penetrate close to the target, kill them, and get away without even using a blade or attracting attention or alerting folks to the fact there was an assassination. And we haven't even talked warging yet. Woe to those on the list when she gets home. For reference, the list is: Dead: Jeoffrey, Tywin, Lorch, Weese, Chiswyck, Polliver, the Tickler, Raff the Sweetling Thought dead: the Mountain Alive: Cersei, Ilyn Payne, Meryn Trant, Dunsen. She knows she made a mistake killing Weese & Chiswyck instead of Tywin. She will not make that mistake again. When she learns about the Red Wedding (Frey) and the Boltons in Winterfell (Ramsay or Roose) I think they make the list. Cersei, Freys or Boltons. KL or Winterfell.
  15. YouKnowNothingJonSnow

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    I see it as a big 3 and a little 3. Big 3 = Essos + North/Wall/Winterfell + KL/Young Griff. Little 3 are Sam/Oldtown, Brienne/Jaime & Arya. Arya is a wildcard & could pop up anywhere. Assuming Sansa gets pulled north. 1. Essos. Dany. Tyrion. Barristan. Battle of Mereen. Victarion. Marwyn. Moqorro. A fleet from Volantis (slaves gonna fight FOR Dany, I would think). Euron's hand may reveal itself. The mystery of the Horn. Tyrion & a white dragon. Dany leading Dothraki. Dany growing up and sorting it out before she leaves for Westeros. 2. Winterfell/Wall/North/Others. Got to be #2. Jon, Mel, Stannis, Asha, Theon, and Bran are certainly involved here. And most likely Sansa/Littlefinger at some point as well. Sansa needs to get control & help Winterfell. Perhaps Davos/Rickon as well. Wall gonna fall and a Stark needs to be at Winterfell. The end of the Boltons. 3. KL/South. Cersei, Tyrell's, Young Griff, Jon Con, Arrianne. Perhaps Jaime & Brienne get pulled in as well. I wonder if Brienne somehow gets put in Jaime's shoes somehow. A chance to ignobly remove a disasterous/imposter monarch (Cersei or Griff) or honorably serve insane/fake? Anyway, time for Cersei to go, somehow.