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  1. Sandello

    References and Homages

    Dunhallym I've seen other propositions concerning who King Robert looks like (including Conan), but personnally, and though there is perhaps no connexion at all, I find that he looks a lot like Robert d'Artois in Maurices Druon's "Les rois maudits" ( The Accursed Kings). He or she started this and I was very offended because I like Robert d'Artois very much and King Robert I pisses me off.
  2. Sandello

    References and Homages

    About banner - three golden castles.
  3. Sandello

    References and Homages

    About Rober III Artouis and his influences - not king Robert, but both Cleganes. Count Rober often called "giant of a man", a good battle commander and rapist. (ser Gregor as he is). Loyal and honest only to himself, quite smart and hates his kin (aunt Mago) (The Hound ). All facts are taken from "Accursed Kings" by Maurice Druone.
  4. Sandello

    References and Homages

    In Tad Williams's MS&T one kennelmaster wears a black hound's head helm.