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    Jon's previous sex issues

    Yeah I know that, plus I would just think the easy way to avoid sleeping with your unknown mom is to not sleep with women who look to be however many years old you are older than you, i.e. if you're 16 don't sleep with anyone close to 30. My question is more that it was never listed as one of the reasons he was avoiding it. Against vows - yes; don't want to make a bastard - yes; worried I might sleep with my mom - really don't remember that.
  2. Sasha Steelsong

    Jon's previous sex issues

    Hi, Having a debate with a non-forum friend re why Jon is so against having sex (obviously before he does). While we both agree that he was against it before joining the watch because he didn't want to father a bastard and then it was against his vows, my friend insists that it is also because he was scared of sleeping with his mother since he didn't know whom she was and that is why he will balk at the idea of getting with Dany now that he knows. I think Jon will likely have an issue with it cause he was raised in the North where incest isn't cool, not raised like Dany to think that she would marry her brother. That said I have NO RECOLLECTION whatsoever that he stopped himself from having sex (either in the show or books) because he was worried he might accidentally bang his mom. Or am I crazy?
  3. Now that we are on hugging terms... :P

  4. Sasha Steelsong

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    I would have to echo the praise for the Frank Herbert Dune Series. It is absolutely foundation futuristic sci-fi with a healthy dose of politics and religion thrown in. If you like the game part of ASOIAF, the interplay of the politics will really appeal to you. The only problem is that the series is "unfinished" in that Frank Herbert died before he could finish it. His son ultimately finished the series with 2 more books, which I guess you can read if you want completion, but it in no way matches Frank Herbert's style. A warning though, DO NOT READ THE SON's BOOKS that take place in between the Frank Herbert books. As there are intentional gaps in the series created by FH, and for some reason no one can know, Brian Herbert decided to fill them in. Frankly I consider those to be an insult to his father's memory. In spite of that, I will say I did like the first prequel series that Brian Herbert released, The House Series (House Atreides, House Harkonnen, House Corrino) ultimately because it explains why everything that happens in the first 150-200 pages of Dune happens. Diskworld by Terry Pratchett - this series is just fantastic. Both intellegent and very funny. There are too many books in it to list individually but frankly there really hasn't been one that I haven't enjoyed. The Empire Trilogy by Raymond Feist I think also deserves a mention. The Rift Trilogy is the best, but the Empire Trilogy also has a lot of the poltics interplay that many like about ASOIAF