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    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I don't like the idea that we're supposed to think he's just checkmated her when the threat he made was the kind you'd expect from Cersei, not Tywin. Accepting that Willas and Garlan don't exist on the show, Highgarden follows daughter before an uncle succession and a King/Hand can conscript the heir to the Reach into the Kingsguard without his consent (yes, Jaime joined when he was an heir but he wasn't forced. It was his choice), what is Tywin doing? Threatening to, in effect, take the Reach away from an ally with a vastly larger army. It's never spelled out in the show so maybe in GoT the difference in military strength at that time isn't as significant as it is in ASOIAF. They have to at least be equals on the show, right? What if the Tyrells refuse? What if they break off the alliance? What if they join Robb or Stannis or declare that Joffrey is illegitimate and Stannis is a kinslayer and might makes right so everyone bend the knee for King Mace by right of conquest? The only reason he'd want a Loras/Cersei marriage is to strengthen the alliance. Threatening the Queen of Thorns isn't going to do that. I know between this and the Joffrey/Ros scene they're trying to put the Lannisters and Tyrells in conflict again to start setting up Joffrey's murder but this was a poor way to do it.
  2. Peasant with No Story Arc

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    That can't happen. The reason she hasn't left for Westeros is she doesn't want to leave Meereen the same way she did Astapor and Yunkai. If it's left a ruin, by her own dragons no less, I don't think it's something she'd get over. She'd only be less inclined to go take the Seven Kingdoms back. No, she needs total victory. A stable Meereen, the Harpy identified and the Sons disbanded and the dragons under her control … although, another way to get her to Westeros would be if one or both of the loose dragons are captured and taken there (after burning Meereen). She'd feel responsible for that.
  3. Peasant with No Story Arc

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Some parts of the adaptation in this episode made sense to me. I didn't like the idea of Littlefinger going to Renly's camp to talk to Cat and Margaery but both scenes were effective at setting up things that are important later (Cat freeing Jaime and the Lannister/Tyrell alliance) and Michelle Fairley was quite good in her scene. Others did not. I don't think anything new was learned about Littlefinger in his scene with Renly or about Joffrey in his scene with Ros and the prostitute with the second-worst luck in King's Landing behind Barra's mom and I was disappointed that the episode left off at the appearance of the shadow baby. Doesn't it take a lot of the shock out of what happens to Renly for it to happen next week? They already undercut it a little by removing Cortnay Penrose and showing the birth before you see it do anything. I'd have preferred it if instead of standing to pose it went about its way and they cut straight to Renly putting his armor on. That seemed like the natural end point for this episode. The cliffhanger is Renly dying and the first scene next week would be the immediate reaction of Brienne, Cat and Loras. The way it is now it will probably happen in the first quarter of the episode next week. It's one of the pivotal moments in the series. Doesn't it deserve to cap an episode? Didn't the parley deserve more time and a little more build-up? Stannis showed up out of nowhere. We get it. Littlefinger plays all sides. Joffrey's a sociopath. And Ros has had more screen time so far this season than Bran. I assume she's taking Alalaya's place later. If so it'll be funny that she's shown to have a worse time of it from the Lannisters (and more often) than Sansa. My only question is how they're going to find a way to shoehorn her into Season 3. That'll be the real challenge. Suggestions? Those complaints aside, good episode. Tyrion's storyline is being done justice. Introducing Jeyne this way makes sense (setting her up as a nurse and putting more into the romance between her and Robb than "She was a pretty girl who happened to be close to my bed chamber at the time," although her moral equivalence argument makes her look more like a child than it does Robb. Does she know about the horrors Tywin Lannister's armies are putting the Riverlands through? It doesn't equate to one soldier's amputated foot. But now I'm complaining again.) I guess they're showing Tywin being generous with Arya as an explanation for why he isn't first on her list for Jaqen? That makes sense too.