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    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    this. and Jaime will continue in his redemption path in her honor. but i'll keep wishing that Brienne survives somehow until WoW comes out. and if they finally realize that they love each other, i would not be mad ;)
  2. :agree: i really like this episode loved jaime/brienne (when jaime talks about renly i was lmao) olenna was perfection :bowdown: arya's scenes were great (i LOVED gendry asking why she didnt name joffrey or tywin in order to end the war.) but i didnt really like thoros.... i think they could show thoros as a drunk but a bit more serious.. they didnt evem mention him as a priest i hate margeary in the books but im loving the character in the series (natalie is doing a great job) once again the north was pretty blah, especially jon. loved bran's dream and the introduction of the reed brothers.... jojen seems a little bit more sassy than in the books but didnt bother me theon..... oh boy, this is gonna get ugly from now on :bawl:
  3. Levanta, Sacode a Poeira e Dá a Volta por Cima....