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  1. :agree: i really like this episode loved jaime/brienne (when jaime talks about renly i was lmao) olenna was perfection :bowdown: arya's scenes were great (i LOVED gendry asking why she didnt name joffrey or tywin in order to end the war.) but i didnt really like thoros.... i think they could show thoros as a drunk but a bit more serious.. they didnt evem mention him as a priest i hate margeary in the books but im loving the character in the series (natalie is doing a great job) once again the north was pretty blah, especially jon. loved bran's dream and the introduction of the reed brothers.... jojen seems a little bit more sassy than in the books but didnt bother me theon..... oh boy, this is gonna get ugly from now on :bawl:
  2. Levanta, Sacode a Poeira e Dá a Volta por Cima....