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  1. Aux Contraire GOTseriesfan: The Targaryens and their dragons were alien to Westeros and with the dragons themselves killed off it was time to drive out the Targaryens. Aerys may or may not have been bad - who should we really believe [?] but Rhaegar was just another of the breed
  2. I think it may be an illustration of the individual becoming part of the hive mind
  3. So far as watching goes, much will obviously depend on how it compares with the book. GRRM is happy right now, but the first series of AGoT was also pretty faithful to the book. Obviously we don't have the same conflict in that A Song of Ice and Fire is still unfinished, while in overall Westerosi terms we know how the Dragon will end What I think is important, and will become clearer, is that while the Targaryens/Dragons business is important as the end of the day we are dealing with two completely different stories
  4. If we go back to the recent blog comment: "THE WINDS OF WINTER is going to be a big book. The way it is going, it could be bigger than A STORM OF STORMS [SIC] or A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, the longest books in the series to date. I do usually cut and trim once I finish, but I need to finish first." It's worth noting of course that both books had to be split into two volumes for paperback. I remain optimistic
  5. Possibly, but in view of what's predicted, it'll be graphic descriptions of starvation, boiled boots and cannibalism
  6. It's something like that I'm thinking. Certainly not a "Jon is the sone of Rhaegar and destined to sit on the tin throne
  7. I don't remember exactly what was said in that passage, but the wording could be important What strikes me about it, is why Lord Eddard's ghost would tell Bran something - which he then forgot If, as is often assumed in another place, Lord Eddard told Bran that Jon was Lyanna's son. What difference is that going to make to Bran? Why is it important for Bran to know? If, in tandem or instead of that, Eddard told Bran that Jon was Rhaegar's son, what difference will that make for Bran, really? This is Lord Eddard Stark, of Winterfell speaking Was it a warning about Jon? And Winter. Bran has already been warned by the Crow about Winter. Winter is coming. Is that why Lord Eddard spoke to Bran about Jon?
  8. Ultimately, I think that this is what A Dream of Spring will revolve around. The "big book" will include various parties jockeying around the throne, but ultimately "all is vanity" and the truth or otherwise of R+L=J will fade because its not what this is about
  9. Not least here... I think you're right about the "supernatural" aspects of the story. At the very simplest, if there is a solution its going to take more than a hero with a sword - or even an army - to sort it out I still reckon that in simple story-telling terms, if there are to be no more extensions to the overall story, the "big book" needs to be building to a shocking climax before Spring sorts it out, which is why I'm inclined to wonder what's in Winds beyond continuing [plod, plod, plod] the story lines we already know about
  10. I'm inclined to think that Bran, the Isle of Faces, the Green Men - and Icy Jon and the rest of the Starks will wait for the Dream of Spring to clear up the mess resulting from Winds
  11. I can remember a few years back that a believer in R+L=J predicted that Jon was going to take the Iron Throne and that Daenerys wasn't going to be a problem because she would probably die before getting to Westeros so its not a new idea, but I still feel that there's a lot as yet unhinted at going to happen in this "big book" I too agree. Ever since Mel the Unreliable turned up we've been fed the line that Light and Fire need to destroy the Ice and Dark [ideally in a big battle led by Azor Ahai riding dragons. There may indeed be a clash but not an apocalyptic battle and again I think that the "big book" may be setting this up
  12. Ah well, that's why I'm wondering why TWoW is so large [and as yet unfinished]. There's something more in it. The scenarios you outline, while plausible, are only going to be a small bit of what must e a larger picture if TWoW is BIG and yet only the prelude to a last act he hasn't revealed yet
  13. GRRM: "THE WINDS OF WINTER is going to be a big book. The way it is going, it could be bigger than A STORM OF STORMS [SIC] or A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, the longest books in the series to date. I do usually cut and trim once I finish, but I need to finish first." So what are we to make of this? The immediate point that occurs to me is that there's something we don't know about in there. A book as big as he seems to think it is cannot simply be a space filler. A DANCE WITH DRAGONS ends with a number of issues. fAegon [and is he really a fake] evidently invades Westeros in TWoW. How far does he get and does he succeed in overthrowing the Lannisters. GRRM as I recall said something about multiple individuals warming their bums on the Iron Throne, so its possible and there will undoubtedly be collaterell damage There is a crisis looming out east with the battle of Meereen which appears to tie in with Danaerys the Dragonlord being set up with the Dothraki. This is likely to see her ending up victorious and coming west with a massive army. Question is, how far does she get before close of the book - after all, win or lose Aegon is going to ensure Westeros is all but indefensible when she tools up. And there are the Starks of course. Jon is down, but not out. Bran and Sansa both have potential, but how is this going to play out? Ultimately, I think that the conflict in A DREAM OF SPRING will not be the looked for triumph of Azor Ahai but will be the battle between the Starks [ICE] and the Targaryens [FIRE]. How much of this will be set up in the THE WINDS OF WINTER? We're given some clues as to where its going in the released chapters, but those story lines are very early on and not going to be enough by themselves for the promised "big book". What else is in there
  14. GRRM Notablog April 29 [status 'busy'] : THE WINDS OF WINTER is going to be a big book. The way it is going, it could be bigger than A STORM OF STORMS or A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, the longest books in the series to date. I do usually cut and trim once I finish, but I need to finish first.
  15. I'm very much inclined to go along with this one, which is very much in line with the way Heresy has been moving in trying to figure out what's really going on. My problem with R+L=J has all along been not with the simple equation itself, which might be true, but with its significance. All along, there has been an assumption by most believers that this story is all about Jon Snow being revealed as the son of Rhaegar and identified by Mel as Azor Ahai the champion of Light [and Fire] who will save the day. [after all the Mummers said so] Yet this suggestion anent the true nature of Mel is entirely consistent with the clues we've been given as to the consuming horrors to come from Fire. It is possible that R+L=J is true and that this may be significant in restoring some kind of balance between Ice and Fire, but that balance will not be brought about by Azor Ahai, but by her [?] destruction
  16. She received the snowflake communion
  17. As to Stannis. I'm inclined to see his fate as straightforward. Or rather Mel has got it wrong and while she has been promoting Stan, Jon is going to be the Man - but out of nowhere as the champion of Ice not the expected champion of Fire
  18. Infants are puzzling. Whether old or young, man or woman, a Faceless warrior can assume the identity of an individual grown-up and wander around impersonating that individual. An infant is going to be much more difficult, both in assuming the size, and doing anything much once the magic is accomplished, unless... The only way I can see it work is by way of a long term "investment", taking over the identity of a child and maintaining that identity as it grows up.
  19. I think these ideas are possible, if only because GRRM has a pretty solid history of recycling ideas, characters and themes, very positively, by way of changing and developing them. It also speaks to the book/story as a whole and emphasises how GRRM is a serious writer engaged in something much more serious than a LOTR knock-off revolving around a return of the king scenario By the way, welcome back
  20. The Hardhome business was a reference to "dead things" in the water. While obviously sinister it might be significant that there wasn't actually any reference to be attacked by the "dead things". It may turn out that they were wights, clearly dead but just twitching impotently An "event" of some kind may well happen, but I'd be inclined to suspect that it may be preceded by something like this - the army of the dead grinding to a halt.
  21. It depends how carefully GRRM is looking at real world wars, but yes I can see the wights coming adrift in a dream of spring
  22. It snowed here yesterday too, but as recent events have reminded us, snow and ice aren't what stops armies; its mud. Perhaps GRRM should note accordingly
  23. I think we're distracted by the real world - unless there are any decent rumours out there about TWoW to cheer us up
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