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    Hi everyone, I should have probably stopped here first when I made this account, but I didn't... But I am here now! I am Caek, yes, you can call me that. No, it is not my real name, but I like it. To be honest, I am like a lot of people, I just recently heard about GRRM from my fiance and picked the books up a few months back. I am actually 1/3 of the way through ADwD. I have to say that before I read GRRM, I was a big fantasy fan. I've read all of Tolkiens' work along with C.S. Lewis and a slew of other lesser known writers. At one point in time I pictured myself becoming a writer and wrote for a while for a few gaming websites and did some short stories here and there; however, writers block has hit me some time ago and I have not been able to get over it. So I stopped. I hope everyone is enjoying the series as much as I am. Although I am pretty sure you all are since you are here striving to learn more tidbits about this series we have come to love. ~Cheers! Caek
  2. Starting on A Feast for Crows now!