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  1. Also is there any chance a list of these easter eggs could be added to the Citadel or one of the FAQs? Espcially for those items that GRRM has confirmed per so spake, or that appear to be confirmed in the judgment of the mods. And I was thinking more the minor more factual ones rather than the larger scale/homage ones. So Robert Jordan, Monty Python, Three Stooges, Grateful Dead, Phil Simms and other references, but not things like the whole series is like the War of the Roses. This thread is a bit unwieldy at 37 plus pages, with a lot of overlapping ideas so the list would be very helpful.
  2. . I think Grrm absolutely would be influenced by wouk. Good call. Winds of war and war and remeberenace deal with family torn apart by epic war. And as a tv writer, it was a huge miniseries in the early 1980s.
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