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  1. Taemlyn Blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    The Seven who follow Jon are: Thoros of Myr, Beric Dondarrion, Sandor Clegane, Gendry Waters, Tormund Giantsbane, and Ser Jorah Mormont The Mother Thoros because She is the equivalent of R'Hllor The Father is Tormund because of his titles and many children The Maiden is Jon Snow because he represents his mother and sisters The Crone is Lord Beric because he has cheated death so many times The Warrior is Ser Jorah because he has fought so many battles The Smith is Gendry Waters because of his trade The Stranger is Sandor Clegane because of his redemption So, they will simply be The Seven Also, Ned went to the Tower of Joy with six companions
  2. Taemlyn Blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Yes. This. I'm more leaning toward Dany, Jon and Tyrion. Although I wouldn't at all mind Dany, Jon and Meera. It could very well turn out that Jon is turned back by Coldhands to achieve this very purpose.
  3. Taemlyn Blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    Ok, so the situation has changed a little regarding armies. Allow me to recount. The North is now heavily recruiting from all loyal houses, including the disloyal Karstarks and Umbers. The standing army must also include the Whiteharbour garrison and navy, the strength of the Arryn allies, loyal River lords and possible remnants of the Bolton reserves. Who knows how many, but considering they are arming children, we can assume it is going to become a lot. 30K+ The Night's Watch has fuck all, but now the Wildlings will be adding their numbers to its strength. From hundreds to thousands. The Lannister + allies army had mostly reached the region of King's Landing = Kingsland? (sorry, Australian joke). The figure of 50K resonates with me, although it was far less than that when they appeared in Roman legion formation at Highgarden. Perhaps 30K Highgarden was already a large army, yet it appears that Jaime only fought the castle guard, so I would say that the remainder is divided between those who were commandeered by Lord Tarly and those who remain at large. Let's call it 10K+ The Dothraki landed at Dragonstone AND the Mainland. Those remaining on Dragonstone couldn't possibly have been shipped to the Mainland by the Ironborn as that fleet had been scuppered by Euron, so we must assume that Dany attacked Jaime with only a portion of her Dothraki. Remaining Dothraki 30K+ The Unsullied went to Casterly Rock and suffered major casualties. However, Grey Worm's gambit got them in before attrition mounted. Remaining Unsullied 30K+ The Freys were all slaughtered, but their soldiers remain intact. 10K at least The Riverlander Lords are unsighted since the Blackfish, but one must assume Lord Edmure is rallying them. 10K or less The Storm Lords haven't been sighted since Renly bit the dust. Several went with Stannis, many went with the Tyrells, but the remainder are unsighted. 5K at least. Dorne has 10K spears, but only 3 of them have fought so far in this series. Nuff said The Iron Born don't have huge numbers and Euron has ships and apparently, but apparently the sea strength of the Redwynnes counts for nothing. The Golden Company was mentioned last week as a possible mercenary company for Cersei to enlist via the Iron Bank. Stayed tuned. Advantage Dany, but not if she divides her armies further. Advantage Cersei, if she gets the gold to repay the Iron Bank and engages the Golden Company (bring on the Blackfyres!!! Beneath the Gold the bitter steel!!!!!!!!!) Advantage Sansa, with the 3-eyed raven, a Faceless Woman, a master spy, and the BWB on their way, unless she goes Marcia Brady again. Disadvantage Yara, with a likely return of D&D to senseless rapey scenes we don't want to know about Disadvantage Olenna. Battle of the 5 Queens becomes 3 + 1 King
  4. Taemlyn Blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    Stark kids reunion scene, reimagined: Arya: So, what actually happened to Robb? Bran: You saw him, didn't you? Arya: I thought so, but his head looked... different. Sansa: Don't either of you care about what happened to me? Arya: I don't think it could have been worse than what happened to me. Bran: I saw Rickon, porcupined with arrows. He looked beautiful. Sansa: But, but... what about meeee? Arya: Sansa, Sansa, Sansa______
  5. Taemlyn Blackfyre

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Viserion! It was Viserion that flew over Jon. Foreshadowing or what? That dragon was white, then we saw green Rhaegal and black Drogon in the distance. Jon's white and Tyrion's green. Loved the reunion with Sansa and Bran. He's changed and now Sansa knows it. I says he needs to speak with Jon and I think it will be sooner than I previously thought. Sansa left him by the Wierwood, from where we can presume he talk over a great distance, or perhaps translocate. The scenes leading to Jaime's talk with Olenna were well done, narrated as they were out of Tyrion's backstory and connecting with Cersei's promised gold for the Iron Bank. We can presume that the wealth of Highgarden will pay the Lannisters' debt. But now Jaime knows who killed Joffrey and he has no reason to hate Tyrion. I missed the Arya cameo, but did wonder at a maid with short hair. Cersei could be dead next episode! No inkling of Yara's fate and Theon appear's friendless, though I doubt that will last long. I, for one, enjoyed the bloodless scene where Jon refused to bend the knee, especially Ser Davos' impassioned, if belated, testimony of his new king's honour. Davos and Tyrion will cook up some plans when they get the chance.
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