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  1. gmavridis

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Ok, it's a 10 for the whole effort. Only as a TV viewer. As a reader. I don't know what I should give to the episode. Certainly one or two things that happened bothered me, but after all it is a TV show and we have to understand that. On the other hand..... I LOVE THE BOOKS !!!!!!!
  2. I did not mind the changes, but showing Thorne as a hero fighting in first lines and showing Slynt as a coward (even if he is a pompous smart-ass) was not something I liked in this episode. Also Stannis should have come in the end.
  3. It is 9 for me because I think a finale with Stannis arrival would have got a 10
  4. Without Stannis an 8. They also managed to make Thorne a hero and Slynt a clearly a coward. I don't mind the deaths of characters that they are still alive in the book and even though the death of Ingrid was much more romantic I still can live with it, but Stannis not coming and saving the day was a big error because even if he comes in the next episode, everyone will have their minds in the coming events and not Stannis.
  5. The duel was exceptional work for TV series. I don't think they could caption the close battle scenes better. They also made clear that Oberyn was winning and didn't finish him off because he wanted him to publicly confess that Tywin was behind Ellia's death. He even pointed at him at some point. Sansa's storyline is simplified for the watchers sake.
  6. gmavridis

    How would you rate episode 407?

    An 8. Best scene was Tyrion / Oberyn. For the setup they have for Eyre the scene between Sansa, Lysa and Littlefinger was good. I don't understand why they didn't use the "Only Cat" version and instead they used the words "Your Sister".
  7. That is right. There was an escalation and until the child's bones are revealed they all think that he is just another sheepherder looking for money for his goats
  8. You are right. Oberyn dying, the battle at the Wall and Tywin's death will bring the Internet down. When UnCat makes her appearance we will have a global catastrophe. And the argument about whether Ned, Robb or anybody else who died until now in the TV series will start all over again for the TV viewers this time.
  9. That is right. And in the book if I recall well it was common for people to come and ask compensation for the destruction that the dragons did, so they had to establish that somehow. I don't think they will whitewash the dragons. After all they are beasts.
  10. Tonight Alfie Allen was great. The problem is that Peter Dinklage as always was magnificent in the trial scene and out-shined Allen's great performance.
  11. Yes, Mark Gattis plays Tycho Nestoris. Wonderful casting.
  12. 9 for me. The trial scenes were great.
  13. gmavridis

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I gave the episode a solid 8. It was a good episode and I like that at least they avoided the complications Jon's and Bran's meeting would have had.
  14. gmavridis

    How would you rate episode 405?

    That is right. The last chapter in ASOS is when we learn about all the plotting Littlefinger did with the help of Lysa and when he shoves her through the Moon Door.