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  1. The wheel is most certainly not broken and genetic lineage still makes a lot of the difference. The king is chosen by the most powerful nobles in the realm. Nobility is decided by lineage or conquest. These are the people who will be deciding who rules and they will be deciding between themselves and amongst themselves. It is actually worse than before in my opinion. These petty squabblers and their children will be deciding who rules from now on? It's got me hoping another, intelligent and less emotional Targaryen can find some dragon eggs and try this conquest thing again.
  2. No damn it, I was promised that this wouldn't be a Disney ending. Bran is king because "who better than a broken boy who's been through so much?" Sam is Archmaester when he's not even a maester with a single solitary chain? Bronn is Master of Coin because he loves money and he'll be fun on the Council? Sansa is Queen of her own kingdom but nobody else gets to rule their own kingdom except the other Stark because Yay Stark family and who are these other people anyway? The brown people were the idiot hordes, easily outwitted by the talkative cultured people? And the Disneyest part of it all, a little magic boy goes through hardships but wins the crown in the end. Not by...doing anything but just because he's goodest and bestest, and literally everyone agrees? Does no one wonder why he didn't try to stop genocide or..or well, do anything?
  3. So I guess the show really was just The Fall and Rise of The Starks. Everyone else just pawns in the game. I can't believe I hate the Starks having a happy ending because that is never how I felt reading the books BUT I HATE THIS.
  4. Right, this is when the show finally, finally, finally FINALLY lost me. Why wouldn't Unsullied and Dothraki kill him immediately, he just murdered their Queen and there's nothing anyone could have done about it. Absolutely nothing. And why do they think the same squabbling nobles choosing from among them who will rule will be better? It sounds worse to me. Much worse. Because nobility is still chosen by lineage or conquest (or threats, Bronn), even if the king supposedly won't be. There will be even more wars when people don't get their way as they have no reason to keep respecting the arrangement. I didn't watch that far, so the North is independent? Who decided, Bran? Truly impartial. Do the Iron Islands get to be independent? Dorne was already pretty independent, are they free now? So how does this choosing a king thing work if they're a bunch of independent kingdoms? Or is it just the North gets to be free after having done zip to earn it. Needing to be constantly rescued and freed by others. Hey, does the Vale get to be free? They did a lot of the heavy lifting.
  5. Listen, I couldn't finish it. I really tried and this has never happened to me with Game of Thrones, I have never skipped anything ever. I've watched every second before this. I didn't want to watch this episode in the first place and put myself through dreck. But I said to myself that this is the very last episode and it's been a very long time invested in this story since before the show. So I tried. I made it through Daenerys' quick death and Drogon's vengeance against the Iron Throne (LOL). But as soon as we did a hard SKIP from Jon murdering Daenerys to all of the nobles gathered for Tyrion's trial, with zero reactions or discussions, Bran even wheeled his way down from Winterfell, it's been who knows how long but we just SKIP. I started losing my interest drastically. And then there was nothing but speeches, terrible speeches saying dumb things (Edmure being dumb for fan service! Bran? Really?) and I found myself skipping a lot, just hitting at random spots ahead in the show. I saw Tyrion wearing a hand of the king (Bran? Really? I watched for this?) and telling Jon he has to go back to the Night's Watch because it's where we send the people we don't want and not for any nobler purpose SKIP. I don't know what else they said. Probably something stupid. I saw Jon and Sansa hugging as if she can't just see him anytime she wants at the Wall and SKIP. I saw Arya on a boat somewhere, guess the lone wolf is on her way again SKIP. I saw Greyworm staring at Jon but what are you gonna do Greyworm, literally and figuratively neutered? And then I saw what appeared to be the council meeting and Bron was there and SKIP. Oh my God they're still talking, no one wants to hear this crap, SKIP SKIP SKIP. And then I turned it off.
  6. Yeah, consider my expectations subverted once again. I thought she'd ignore the bells and go for Cersei in the Red Keep. I expected to see some innocent people dying as a result of that and it would be bad. But she carpet-bombed the city and took her very sweet time even getting to the Keep (almost giving Cersei time to escape which would just beat all). I honestly don't understand how this ties into getting vengeance, even deadly vengeance.
  7. Daenerys has to die for this to happen and Varys is planning for that, which is why Tyrion was begging him at the end of their conversation. I suppose Varys is back to trying to kill Daenerys as he tried all those years ago when she was a baby. I was bothered by the argument that a marriage won't work because she'd be too strong-willed a woman.
  8. bullying is a natural consequence of being fat and the best tactic is to lose weight, #thingsfatpeoplearetold in child psychology textbooks

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