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    Samwell as Grand Maester

    It's that Disney fairy tale ending nonsense we were promised wasn't going to happen. I'm not against happy endings, but I don't like "wave a magic wand/Bran and everything is perfect" for any character, no matter how likable. Sam's accomplishments against grayscale and discovering the weapon to defeat the wights should have been enough to earn him re-entry into the Citadel. It would make sense that they'd be somewhat humbled by that. Could have been a great scene even, and throw in a link or two on the chain. But the fully forged chain and the role of maester really should have to be earned. They're professors of deep knowledge, doctors, deeply learned in many fields, and they serve the realm in that capacity. He is simply not. And Sam is not portrayed as some special genius, he's smart and likes books, well that is true of all of the other students or they wouldn't have gotten in. Again, reward his spunk by letting him back in and maybe a link or two for the things he learned and discovered. I'd actually like to have seen Sam confront the Citadel again. Sam going from Citadel (and Nights Watch) dropout to Maester, Grand Maester, and Lord of a major house with a wife and children should actually be a disaster for Westeros. Remember there are maesters all over the realm, at every major house, bound to serve and privy to the secrets of the house. And now they see that, with the right connections, they can reclaim their own lost lands and titles, their own fathers' houses that many of them gave up? They can have families of their own that they will inevitably put before the family of the lord they serve? And the Citadel has lost all legitimacy with a rebellion on its hands.
  2. theladyinspring

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    Hi what do you mean she did the same in the case of Vaes Dothrak? She killed no women, no children, and not even any man except for the khals, the leaders, the ones in charge of everyone else's lives. Also the ones keeping her prisoner and who had just threatened to rape her death. But no innocent people at all. So how was it the same? It's true, she didn't listen to her advisors in that case, but again, she took not a single innocent life. Likewise, at Kings Landing, she also didn't listen to advisors in the end, and she also won without having to kill anyone but the soldiers actively fighting her. It's what she does after that is out of character, and Vaes Dothrak is yet another example of how she is careful not to target innocent people.
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    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I agree that if Jon is really back in the Nights Watch for good then it's a brutal end for him.
  4. theladyinspring

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    Is there any reason Jon can't eventually have what Gilly and Sam have? He's got the rest of his life ahead of him, surely he'll meet another fun and daring wildling girl and fall in love and this time there's no reason he can't just go off with her. He'll always have some trauma, but so does everyone else. In the immediate what happened to Jon is devastating and a tremendous burden he has to carry. It's actually kind of sickening that everyone in his family is fine with him carrying that alone. But he's got friends and a people he relates to that he can join. He can still have a life.
  5. theladyinspring

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I kind of relate to what OP is saying. This isn't Daenerys' story, but nor is it Jon's (or Tyrion's). It also shouldn't be a story of Starks vs. everyone, at least, that's not the impression I got before but now I'm not so sure. It's a world of grey and greyer and really dark grey. It was not sold to me as a world of black and white. Therefore, for example, like OP you could not really like Jon at all and still have a satisfying, engrossing story because he's not "the hero" of the story, not the protagonist, not "the good guy" you're supposed to root for 100%. But in this ending as presented he becomes exactly that. On the other hand, if you like Daenerys as a character it's still okay for her to have a tragic end, but not to become a pure black villain in her final moments, murdered by the Christ-like hero Jon Snow. It wasn't that kind of story! It feels like a bait and switch. He's a Queenslayer, kinslayer, and oathbreaker now but the only reason he is sent to the Wall is to satisfy non-Westerosi Greyworm, also turned into darkest villainy and ineffective buffoonery at the end. While Daenerys is delusional, dragon Hitler, worse even than Aerys (who only wanted to burn Kings Landing because he was losing). She's given far less sympathy than Cersei, who at the moment of death is in the arms of someone who actually loves her, and she is portrayed as desperate to save the life of her child and sad because she cannot. That's human. Daenerys is left completely unrelateable, and it was not supposed to be that kind of story. It wasn't before. There's a reason these kinds of Face-Heel Turn stories where a "good" person becomes the really bad guy usually are reserved for stories that are already black and white, good vs. bad stories.
  6. The wheel is most certainly not broken and genetic lineage still makes a lot of the difference. The king is chosen by the most powerful nobles in the realm. Nobility is decided by lineage or conquest. These are the people who will be deciding who rules and they will be deciding between themselves and amongst themselves. It is actually worse than before in my opinion. These petty squabblers and their children will be deciding who rules from now on? It's got me hoping another, intelligent and less emotional Targaryen can find some dragon eggs and try this conquest thing again.
  7. No damn it, I was promised that this wouldn't be a Disney ending. Bran is king because "who better than a broken boy who's been through so much?" Sam is Archmaester when he's not even a maester with a single solitary chain? Bronn is Master of Coin because he loves money and he'll be fun on the Council? Sansa is Queen of her own kingdom but nobody else gets to rule their own kingdom except the other Stark because Yay Stark family and who are these other people anyway? The brown people were the idiot hordes, easily outwitted by the talkative cultured people? And the Disneyest part of it all, a little magic boy goes through hardships but wins the crown in the end. Not by...doing anything but just because he's goodest and bestest, and literally everyone agrees? Does no one wonder why he didn't try to stop genocide or..or well, do anything?
  8. So I guess the show really was just The Fall and Rise of The Starks. Everyone else just pawns in the game. I can't believe I hate the Starks having a happy ending because that is never how I felt reading the books BUT I HATE THIS.
  9. Right, this is when the show finally, finally, finally FINALLY lost me. Why wouldn't Unsullied and Dothraki kill him immediately, he just murdered their Queen and there's nothing anyone could have done about it. Absolutely nothing. And why do they think the same squabbling nobles choosing from among them who will rule will be better? It sounds worse to me. Much worse. Because nobility is still chosen by lineage or conquest (or threats, Bronn), even if the king supposedly won't be. There will be even more wars when people don't get their way as they have no reason to keep respecting the arrangement. I didn't watch that far, so the North is independent? Who decided, Bran? Truly impartial. Do the Iron Islands get to be independent? Dorne was already pretty independent, are they free now? So how does this choosing a king thing work if they're a bunch of independent kingdoms? Or is it just the North gets to be free after having done zip to earn it. Needing to be constantly rescued and freed by others. Hey, does the Vale get to be free? They did a lot of the heavy lifting.
  10. Listen, I couldn't finish it. I really tried and this has never happened to me with Game of Thrones, I have never skipped anything ever. I've watched every second before this. I didn't want to watch this episode in the first place and put myself through dreck. But I said to myself that this is the very last episode and it's been a very long time invested in this story since before the show. So I tried. I made it through Daenerys' quick death and Drogon's vengeance against the Iron Throne (LOL). But as soon as we did a hard SKIP from Jon murdering Daenerys to all of the nobles gathered for Tyrion's trial, with zero reactions or discussions, Bran even wheeled his way down from Winterfell, it's been who knows how long but we just SKIP. I started losing my interest drastically. And then there was nothing but speeches, terrible speeches saying dumb things (Edmure being dumb for fan service! Bran? Really?) and I found myself skipping a lot, just hitting at random spots ahead in the show. I saw Tyrion wearing a hand of the king (Bran? Really? I watched for this?) and telling Jon he has to go back to the Night's Watch because it's where we send the people we don't want and not for any nobler purpose SKIP. I don't know what else they said. Probably something stupid. I saw Jon and Sansa hugging as if she can't just see him anytime she wants at the Wall and SKIP. I saw Arya on a boat somewhere, guess the lone wolf is on her way again SKIP. I saw Greyworm staring at Jon but what are you gonna do Greyworm, literally and figuratively neutered? And then I saw what appeared to be the council meeting and Bron was there and SKIP. Oh my God they're still talking, no one wants to hear this crap, SKIP SKIP SKIP. And then I turned it off.
  11. theladyinspring

    Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

    I just want to see if the leaks are true. I really want to see if the leaks are true because wow.
  12. theladyinspring

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    They really messed up by changing Jaime's storyline from the books. They screwed up the redemption arc subversion they were going for. In the books he leaves Cersei years before this point, and he doesn't leave her because of a dishonorable decision on her part but because she cheated on their incestuous relationship. He was also fed up with being used and seeing another possibility of the man he could be by virtue of his travels with Brienne. He also leaves her at her lowest point. It's still possible George will write him going back to Cersei in the end because it doesn't work out, him trying to change. That's assuming Jaime's end at Cersei's side is the same of course. But D&D have him stick by Cersei's side through everything, even the destruction of the Sept, willing even to fight a dragon for her reign, and making another baby with her. He doesn't care that Euron is around and openly flirting, he's not jealous, he's secure in the relationship. He only leaves because she finally crosses his moral event horizon by going back on her word to help save all of humanity. He still has too much honor, he knows he can do and be better, and he makes that choice. By delaying the choice to leave and be a better man for so long, it becomes a big hard line to cross. So for him to come North, fight for his life and everyone else's against the Army of the Dead, consummate his relationship with Brienne, and then go back because he's "addicted"? That is a big writing mistake and it was handled very hamfistedly with him apparently being triggered by Sansa's offhand comment. It made no sense which is why so many thought he must be going to kill her after learning Daenerys lost another dragon. Cersei had crossed the line that matters most to him, and he reclaimed his honor. He had a long journey to Winterfell and didn't turn back. It makes no sense at all the way they did it and it's character assassination.
  13. theladyinspring

    Mourning Dany

    My comment wasn't meant as sympathy for Dany. It's annoyance over how they have wasted so much story, including the Night King and Army of the Dead. There was no impact of the Army of the Dead other than "the North didn't love Dany so she turned to genocide". That's it. Most of the armies regenerated. Most of Westeros probably won't even believe it happened. Nobody important died. There's even enough wildlings left that they'll soon enough repopulate. Bran did nothing. It didn't have an impact on anyone's storyline past episode 3 except for Daenerys, and just to make her more sad. That's the problem. They built up a tremendous storyline and this is what they did with it. They just used it to make Daenerys sad and ultimately genocidal. It's awful on many levels. If you respond with anymore "Dany fans suck" or think this is about Daenerys then don't bother. I've made it clear enough.
  14. theladyinspring

    Dany's Descent.

    She didn't go "mad" until she decided to keep burning the people and the city after they'd surrendered. Killing Varys was not a sign of "madness". He had literally been trying to poison her for several days at that point. She killed him in exactly the way she said she would for exactly the reason she said she would. And when she said that to him she wasn't mad then either. And I repeat, Varys was actively trying to kill her (also actively fomenting rebellion) and would have absolutely continued doing the same if she tried to exile him. He had to die, any monarch would do it, even Ned would do it without a second thought. Not a sign of madness. But the show did play dark music and the setting was very dark and grim, I'll grant that.
  15. theladyinspring

    Mourning Dany

    Now I'm not interested in finishing the books. All I'll have is dread. I'm sure it will be much better written and more tragic and everything but for me it would be a waste of time. I'm just really not interested in the fate of the people of Westeros if it ends like this and the war with the army of the dead has no impact other than to make Dany feel more unloved. Again, not saying GRRM can't tell this story in a well-told way, but I just have no interest in reading this happen to this character, no matter how "earned".