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    [Spoilers] EP608

    Late to the party but only just saw the episode. 1. I am super disappointed that Arya was just... Arya. I really don't care about her storyline or whether she lives or dies, and I wasn't invested in any of the theories except for the fact that without them her story makes no sense. Agree 100% with those who have said that a line or two from Lady Crane mentioning how her injuries weren't that bad would have been far better than leaving her with massive stab wounds last episode followed by a parkour chase this episode. I was sad for Lady Crane and that we won't be seeing any more of the hilarious play - the only half decent parts of Arya's whole arc for the last two seasons. What a phenomenal waste of time. 2. Riverrun was pretty great, although I could have done without the long lingering stares between Jaime and Brienne - why is it so hard for tv writers to capture friendship and respect between male and female characters without making it weirdly shippy (and shut up Bronn - nobody would fuck Brienne of Tarth - not you, not Pod, not Jaime - that's sort of her whole deal) Loved the Edmure/Jaime scene, and since I have watched Outlander since the last time we saw Edmure, I would have more than happy to watch Jaime kill him. I interpreted Jaime's speech to Edmure slightly differently, as I thought it was a bit of a long winded, rambling answer to Edmure's question of how Jaime lives with himself, and tells himself he's decent. In the books Brienne asks Jaime why he wasted his whole life in the Kingsguard and he doesn't answer, but thinks to himself 'for love, of course'. And I thought this was him saying the same thing - he lives with himself by genuinely believing everything he has done has been for love. He's done terrible things for love, and he will continue to do terrible things, including giving back Edmure's baby "with a trebuchet" (heh). God, Edmure is such a whiny baby (it's war! And last time it was Jaime being held captive by the Tullys - it's not like this is cruel or unusual) I would have liked to put him in the trebuchet. 3. I was so sure about LSH and now I am sad. I adore Cat and would have loved to see her back. Actually... between my love of Catelyn and hatred of Arya and Jaime/Brienne, this whole post may belong in some unpopular opinions thread, if such a thing exists. In related news... 4. I am absolutely rooting for Cersei to burn King's Landing to the ground. Ageing Tommen up has been such a bad move - a seven year old being manipulated into turning against his family would be understandable, a teenager doing it just looks like an asshole. Incidentally, a few people have said that if Cersei is found guilty, Tommen's rule will be undermined, but unless I'm watching wrong, I don't think that's true. She was never accused of incest, she is standing trial for adultery with Lancel, right? Which is treason, as she is the queen, but doesn't have any bearing on Tommen's legitimacy - meaning if she was found guilty, she would be killed and Tommen would remain king. I don't see why Margaery would let Tommen go through with changing the trial, given that it will almost certainly lose Loras his head as well. 5. Tyrion continues to be pointless, but I liked the character beat of having him talk about making wine for only his friends to drink, and then that little pause as he realises he has nobody. Wish they had met the book halfway with Tyrion's depression here (only halfway though - I don't need to know where whores go). TL;DR: Arya's story is a joke; shut up Bronn; RIP Catelyn; nobody loves Tyrion, and he should really be sadder about that. Also, I think we know what a trebuchet is - just say trebuchet. It sounds so much better than catapult.