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  1. She does not seem to be a PoV character seeing as Joe named the four PoV characters in the blurb. As an aside, when is this set in relation to the original trilogy? I thought the heroes was set like 8 years after the last argument of kings but if that is the case then how could the children be that young seeing as Brock didn't have a kid by then and Jezal already had a bunch of kids by the time of the heroes.
  2. This might be the wrong thread for this but I recently tried reading this year's winner (Jemisin) and got stuck in "the fifth season". I just wasn't feeling it at all and the second person parts really jarred with me. The series has won three years in a row so I assumed it would be great but I really don't see it and there is no thread here discussing the series. Am I missing something? Does the book/series get better as it goes along? (I'm about half way through "The fifth season"). Is there a thread discussing the series that I'm missing somehow?
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