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  1. She does not seem to be a PoV character seeing as Joe named the four PoV characters in the blurb. As an aside, when is this set in relation to the original trilogy? I thought the heroes was set like 8 years after the last argument of kings but if that is the case then how could the children be that young seeing as Brock didn't have a kid by then and Jezal already had a bunch of kids by the time of the heroes.
  2. Bankmannen

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Onwards to 2020

    This might be the wrong thread for this but I recently tried reading this year's winner (Jemisin) and got stuck in "the fifth season". I just wasn't feeling it at all and the second person parts really jarred with me. The series has won three years in a row so I assumed it would be great but I really don't see it and there is no thread here discussing the series. Am I missing something? Does the book/series get better as it goes along? (I'm about half way through "The fifth season"). Is there a thread discussing the series that I'm missing somehow?
  3. Bankmannen

    Broken Empire

    So how does the "book the the ancestor" hold up in comparison to the books set in the broken empire? Are the characters as compelling? Is the setting interesting? How does Lawrence deal with writing a female main character? (Most curious/worried about this one)