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  1. Blackfish17

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Indeed, Margaery did not suffered the Cersei's humilliation. But I think it was because of Randyll Tarly's arrival at King's Landing, I mean, we all know how much fear and respect many noblemen have for the Lord of Horn Hill. Mace Tyrell may not be the brightest, but he definitely loves his family, and with Kevan dead and no honorable Lannister (if there was ever such) to guarantee his daughter's safety, he might recall her to Highgarden or with his army, and send her away from Cersei. With Cersei in power, the Lannisters will go into utter decline! So House Tyrell might rose once more but this time, at the side of Aegon VI Targaryen. And concerning Tommen, he is a child, his marriage can be annuled anyway. If he is alive or not is a minor factor, we know that Cersei and after her Kevan were the ones who truly controlled the realm. Now we must remember that a hundred swords from Highgarden are the new reinforcements of the City Watch of King's Landing. Could it be that Aegon might take the capital aided by those swords sworn to the Tyrells?
  2. Blackfish17

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Exactly! I think the Tyrell bannermen might have been defeated by the Golden Company using any of those three tactics. Or perhaps after the Trial by Faith is ended, and Margaery may be declared innocent, Mace might take her with his army and after seeing that Aegon VI is a true Targaryen, he could propose his daughter as consort to the Dragon pretender. I just want Margaery to be queen, she would be a good one.
  3. Blackfish17

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I wonder how might the Golden Company have taken Storm's End. I mean, 300 men loyal to Stannis, under the command of Gilbert Farring, Lord Meadows, and one of the Estermonts, guarded the walls, and were besieged by the Tyrell forces that Mace Tyrell left there when he rode to King's Landing, under the command of Mathis Rowan. I propose some strategies that might have helped young Aegon and Lord Connington to take the ancestral keep of House Baratheon: They fell on the Tyrell men by night, and then led an attack directly against the walls of the Storm's End. They had more numbers than the defenders, and I really don't think Stannis left an elite garrison in the fortress. Its walls made it almost impregnable, but we must consider that the Golden Company sellswords are quite seasoned warriors. They could have posed themselves as a relief force for the garrison. Once the castle was taken, they could have made a sortie and massacred the Tyrell army, which must have consisted mainly on Goldengrove knights and some other Tyrell bannermen under Lord Rowan.