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  1. I stopped trusting what George is saying years ago... His statements contradict one another and I'm done analyzing them. And to answer to the OP, no, I don't think 2021 seems that likely. Based on what? Why not '22 or '23?
  2. What vindication will they have if they are dead??? When the Lannisters kill Trystane, sure he might go to war, but wouldn't he first punish the people who betrayed him??? I get that maybe Ellaria and the Sand Snakes don't care about their cousin (even if in the books they obviously do), but they don't even care about one another??? Doesn't Ellaria care that her daughters will probably be executed for treason by Doran??? Were they trying to portray her as a crazy woman? I didn't get that.... why would the other Sand Snakes go with it?? First of all, only a king can legitimize a bastard, of course King's Landing wouldn't do it, so they would need to win the war and be independent. Granted, they might achieve that, but who exactly are these many Martell bastards?? The Sand Snakes??? The same women that betrayed Doran?? and he would legimitize them?? Not to mention how obviously dumb they are, would he leave Dorne in their hands??? That makes no sense, even if he decided not to kill them Tywin care first and foremost for the Lannister name. He never saw Tyrion as his heir, he always saw Jaime, even so he fought. Why? for the power of his house and because he had backups. He wasn't going to be blackmailed. He already had prepared replacements for Jaime, he had Kevan's children, he had Tyrek (that's why he's still very important) and if need be he had Steffon and Daven. Does Doran have any real options??? he doesn't.
  3. Yup, that's why I gave the episode a 3: 1 point for Wun Wun, 1 point for CGI and 1 point for Mace singing.
  4. That wasn't to show you that Targaryens are immune to sickness but that Dany has huge education problems. She doesn't even know the history of her own family. You can't really blame her for that, she was raised by Viserys. Plenty of Targaryens died from sickness, the most famous examples being king Daeron II and the princes Valarr and Matarys
  5. Oh, disappointing, I came to this topic especially to read your oppinions :)). Anyway I won't write my own thoughts, just like you, because I don't feel there's any need, this episode brought nothing new and it left me feeling underwhelmed. I would probably be a lot more forgiving with it if I hadn't already watched the first 4 episodes. Maybe I've become jaded, don't know.... I'll watch the unsullied reactions in the next couple of weeks. If they're still excited I guess D&D are doing a good job.
  6. Alright I'm still in shock because of the last scene, I couldn't even watch it.... man they went all the way. First, people need to stop complaining about Grey Worm and Missandei. They have great chemistry, they are very cute together, it makes even historical sense.... powerful, rich eunuchs have married in the past, so why not??? The two of them are replacing a lot of characters from the books, so they will have very important roles in the story after Daenerys flies away. Heck, they will probably survive all the way to Westeros and be important there.... it makes sense from the show's perspective. As for Sansa... they rushed a little bit, but I liked a lot the trial, it was a great scene, Sophie Turner was amazing and for half the episode I liked a lot what they did with her story.... then I was shocked to find out that LF had no clue about that. What??? So, they make Sansa look great, but everything they added to her character, detracted from LF's. Do you understand how vulnerable he was in that scene with Lord Royce and the others??? LF is just too smart to be put in a situation like that.... if he didn't have a plan why did he kill Lysa??? That's disappointing... as for the last scenes.... I would bet that some unsullied will think she slept with LF, heck maybe she did in D&D's story (I really hope not) To me, the scenese with Roose, Ramsay and Theon were perfection. They showed nothing new, but that doesn't mean they weren't great. Theon starting Reeking in front of that captain? so funny :). When watching the episode I simply didn't understand what was the point of the roach story, after I saw the "Inside the Episode". They wanted to show that Tyrion simply doesn't understand why this is happening to him, he wants an answer that he can't get.... pretty simple stuff, a bit disappointing. Emilia Clarke was good for a change, nothing great, but she did exactly what that banishment scene demanded from her. What I hated was Arya's scene.... horrible. Why did they need to yell her name??? She could have had the same reaction even if the soldiers didn't know it was her. That's just stupid.... probably they did this, because they couldn't find another reason for the guards to let them pass. I bet Sandor and Arya reach the Eyrie and Sansa just left on her voyage .... Sandor dies and Arya goes to Gulltown. They created a lot of complications because they were too lazy to search for a better reasoninig.
  7. Although the last scene was amazing I am very disappointed in Bryan Cogman. There are a lot of changes that will have important repercussions. They are trying to fix some stuff with the battle that will take place at Craster's next week but they are creating many others. You know, the butterfly effect. I still don't understand why they can't have some characters just stay in the background for a season. Why couldn't Bran show up in just 2-3 episode this season and the next? No, they added drama, and than they added a meeting with Jon (or at least something very close to that). They always think like that: why not take advantage of the proximity of some cool characters to see what they might chat about. First we have Locke. I love the character and the actor, they are both great, but I have a feeling that he is going to replace Bowen Marsh. I'm not exactly against this, it might work, we just have to wait and see. Although it makes the Boltons a little too smart if Locke is the one with the knife at the end of season 5. Than we have Jon knowing that Bran is alive. So, what will happen next season when Stannis offers him Winterfell?? If he knew his brothers were alive he wouldn't consider about it that long. At least that's the Jon i got from the books. As for the white walkers, I didn't mind the spoiler. Do you really think this is the first time they've done this? They spoiled/confirmed/contradicted a lot of theories in the past. Remember the idea that Jeyne Westerling was pregnant? Destroyed. There are plenty more examples. I saw many posters commenting that the baby should be dead, or at least freezing after that journey. Do you forget that the white walkers make the weather colder around them? All that heat is going somewhere. I'm not saying they draw the heat to themselves :), but if they can control the weather in one way, why no the other? is it that unbelievable that they could keep him in a warm bubble?
  8. Yeah, I am pretty sure they will change her death completely. When Tyrion escapes, he learns from Varys that Shae has been murdered on the orders of Tywin, so he decides to kill hist father because of the love for Shae. Sounds horrible?? yes, yes it does. Let the whitewashing continue!!
  9. That "strength" would have damned her character forever in the eyes of non-readers. Tyrion is the perfect man in the show.
  10. That's because they made them like this!!! Put some Bolton men to hunt Bran, the story of the Tourney at Harrenhal, the death of Balon... get Davos out of that prison faster...
  11. What makes you think they want to keep Robb on screen?? Did they give him that much material this season?? not really. Actually I am fairly sure they I are excited to do the RW in all its glory.
  12. I liked this episode A LOT!! The duel, Arya, Robb, Tyrion, all of them perfect. Sure, they destroyed Loras, but who cares about him??? Selyse was shocking, but not out of character. You could see Stannis does love his daughter, that's a huge plus for him on screen. Selyse was perfect, a great addition to the cast. Oh, and Jaime - Brienne ... PERFECTION!!
  13. They did the exact same thing in the first episode of Season 1, only then it was with human parts. He's not a sex god :cool4: nobody is the first time. Tyrion arranged the whole stuff, emphasizing that he left a lot of money for the whores... why do you think Ros was looking at Pod like that and smiling??? just because he was a new client?? it was a little mischief going on between her and Tyrion. That's it. You understand of course that except US, almost nobody gets the episode immediatly, some countries get it the next day, some after a week, I heard in Australia it takes over 6 months, and some unlucky few can't get it at all!! HBO doesn't offer the option of online purchase, so what are we supposed to do??? wait a year?? I buy the Blu-Rays, but I also download the episodes immediatly, like many others do. Actually, there was a study made, that people who bother to download an illegal torrent, are more likely to buy CDs/DVDs, then casual watchers, because they are more interested in that stuff then others.
  14. wait for a better version from torrents :), the same thing happened to me last week... and this one. I got no Jaime scream :)). I'm not worried, I'll see it tonight, legit on HBO :).
  15. I thought this was a very good episode, but thinking back... not much happened in the first 50 minutes, did it?? It's interesting how they kept the entire tone of the episode really lighthearted, a lot of funny scenes. I liked a lot the one with the chairs, everything with Pod... even the Fist of the First Men, which in the books was extremely tensed stuff here was not more than a simple discussion. And then the gut punching ending :). Oh, and Ramsay is a badass here... most book readers think he is a wimp. The Hot Pie scene really made me sad :( ... are we ever going to see him again?? Oh, and the Stannins stuff doesn't worry me YET. Yes, he's doing things out of character, D&D don't like him, but that doesn't mean they will destroy him completely. They need to make him look bad now, because he has such huge things in the future. We don't really know that much about what Stannis did or thought at this time in the books, because Davos doesn't. So, let's give the show some leniency, until he receives the letter from Castle Black. Maybe this tumblr will change your mind, like it did with me :) http://lonelysheepofberk.tumblr.com/post/46938901556
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