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  1. The first 20 min. was 10. the second coming of king in the north was a 3 Ayra random revenge a 5 but then bumped up to an 8 for the Frey Pie. Danny 6 maybe a bump for 100 ships and V man's sweet teleport Cersei climbing the steps? Yeah, ten bump down for Jaime's dumb look 9. Dorn minus a billion. Left it a 9 for me. Tommen taking off the crown and walking out the window was truly heart breaking,
  2. The whole battle was based on the Battle of Cannae, where Hannibal did this exact tactic, and slaughtered the Romans. So apparently armies do fight like that.
  3. 10 for bear island alone. That little girl ruled.
  4. 10. This episode was perfect. The walk of shame was perfect. Robert the Strong picking up Cersei like a feather was perfect. Ayra pulling off the face over and over again was perfect. Danny being overun by horses was perfect. Jon's death with his blood pouring over the snow was perfect. Dorn was...well Dorn was Dorn... Was Stanis getting done in by The Maid of Tarth totally Hollywood? Sure. But his last words were perfect. Was Reek suddenly finding the courage to fight for himself and Lady Deathstrike completly rushed? Sure. But the look on their faces before they jumped was perfect. Was The Master of Whispers popping up behind the Imp with a coy grin a bit campy? Sure. But the chemistry between the two was perfect. Was y'alls reaction to the first completly (TV) show driven finale beyond predictable? Sure. Be the rest of us who can separate the novels from the books still think you're perfect in your own way! Remember, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just around the next bend! So hold on to that misplaced sense of elitism! A lightsaber was never meant to have a hand guard, right? You bet your ass it wasn't! Now let us hear all about how it will make this next trilogy a complete mockery of the original text!
  5. As good as the last two were, was as bad as that one was. Gave a seven. Last ten min almost got it down to a five...
  6. The first 10 in two years. You know. I know it. Stannis knows it.
  7. Egg...I dreamed that I was old... 9/10 for that alone.
  8. 8 The show isn't the book. I always tell myself that before the nada-nada-nada-nada starts. That's why things like Hound vs. Brienne not only didn't bother me, I enjoyed it. Two of the best sword fighters in the relm going at it? Yes please. But when things like Bloodraven come up...man. It's hard to justify what the whole scene was. Leaf tossing out magic grenades to destroy the cgi skeletons from the Land of the Lost...the Disneyland ride stabbing of Little Grandfather (I sware I could see the gears moving)...Bran's blowing off his best friend's death(so, about my legs)...and Bloodraven...my god Bloodraven...if he didn't say the fly line... The ending....An ending which they can't even explain away with lack of time or contract bullshit. They were under timewise and knew the scene was needed last year. They could have easily filmed it, put it in the can, and dusted it off for yesterday. My brother, who I always gage the show by because he's a non-book no spoliers watcher, loved it. So I have to overlook what I was expecting to see and take it for what it is. It was an 8. My god Bloodraven hurt my soul.
  9. 10 It was amazing. You know it was amazing. I know it was amazing. It was amazing.
  10. 9/10 The haters are in full force tonight. Sansa's changes are great. They're a bit fast forwarded, but all and all they drive the point home. The Theon parts were tragicly amazing. The raid at Mole's Town was spot on, and the reaction at the wall was just as good. Ayra's laugh was heart wrenching. Though, how will they explain away that they sent the fucking Hound and the second to last living Stark down the road? Dany's stuff was great as always, and Missendei was gorgeous. The fight was AMAZING! It looked just like I imagined. I'm guessing that they'll explain the posion next week when the moutain's health takes a turn for the worse. The only thing that made this a 9 and not a 10 was not explaining how leathal The Red Viper was known to be. They had the chance with Jaime and Tyrion and muffed it. Outside of that, perfect episode.
  11. 8 liked everything but gravy talk and the bitter change. For the life of me, I will never understand why D&D do things like this. We know Brienne is going to get jumped sometime this season and bite a man's ear off (she said so in one the 1,000 mini trailers before this season started) but it wont be the bitter for some reason? Why not make the random guy the one who attack The Hound and not the one that has an actual plot thread?
  12. 9 Would have been a 10 if not for Sam’s go nowhere bullshit and Jamie’s implied forcing of Cersei. The Wilding raid was unnerving, in a good way. Littlefinger got some of his “what’s Littlefinger up to?” mystique back. Jon is way less Emo. And Emily Clark can speak High Valyrian for the whole show from now on and I don’t think anyone would mind. I loved the collars from the dead slaves in the caskets; very nice touch. Every once in a while D&D hit the mark with their add-ons.
  13. 9 Was a bit slow for an R.R. episode. Loved Reek. The telling of Robb's death while the blade was right at this neck was amazing. Stanis was boring. They really are taking the teeth away from him. I understand why they changed Bronn to Jaime's trainer, camera time and all, but it does take away from the on-the-nose training of Ser Payne. The Red Viper was again, very Red Viper. Joff's death was perfect. He was just the right shade of purple. All and all I was ready to give this episode a 6 or 7. Then I noticed the three musicains playing the Rain's for Joff was fucking Sigur Rós! I shouted, "Dude, that's fucking Sigur Rós!!!!" Everyone in the room just stared at me. Instantly boosted my rating to a 9.
  14. 9 Loved the open. Tywin putting the wolf pelt in the flame was a great touch. The Red Viper was very Red Viper. I know the prudes on the board will piss and moan, but Oberyn's track is one of sex and blood. Get used to it. Poor Sansa. Marge and gandma kickass picked up right where they left off. Shea the Funny Whore was meh. But she's always meh. LOVED the Thenn. My little brother was freaked the fucked out when he saw them. I didn't mind the Ayra change up on the time line. It'll hurry the bond between her and the Hound so TV onrly folks see what the payoff is on episode 9. All and all, good stuff. Great to have our baby back. Edit: Oh, the pointing child! NVM. That made this a 10! I can't believe they didn't cut it out. Sure, it wasn't an infant, but good enough.
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