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  1. I love that people can think "Quentyn lives" is the biggest crackpot thing in these forums? Really? So, if not the Tattered Prince, who is only identifiable by his "tattered cloak" then one of the Princes' men. It could happen, GRRMs recent hint that chapter/character names have a deeper meaning... Q was named The DragonTamer if he's dead then so be it but I no longer trust GRRM,lol. After Ned and the Red Wedding and Arya getting whacked in the back of the head by an axe, well... I need more than a body & one scene to tidy everything up for me. Not until I hear it from Drink, when they're no longer in Barristan's control, will I let this one go.
  2. Nah, I think Q survived the dragon stealing attempt. I think the Prince that died was the Tattered Prince. The Dornishmen just abandoned the guy after he was burned and were happy to skip out when Barristan made his offer. If it were Quentyn, I think they would have demanded to be by their princes side until he died and then they would have insisted on taking his bones home. I picture Q being taken by Rhaegal to one of the pyrimids and being stuck there trying to get to know the dragon, similar to Dany & Drogon. I think we'll see the Dornishmen make a beeline for Q & the dragon and we'll see the dragon horns affects thru Quentyn's Pov too.
  3. Finally Merreen becomes interesting!! And it looks like I'll find out pretty quickly if one of my fav crackpots is true - If a certain dragon already in the city already has a rider. Could we see the return of the Quentyn the Dragontamer?
  4. I think Jamie will make it back to King's Landing - He and Cersei have to come face to face again. :ack: She is the only woman he ever loved and her betrayal has been Epic! That just can't be left hanging, can it? I'd like to see Gendry or Edric Storm make a return but not if it means they're gonna die. I'd rather they just stayed away and live on.
  5. Exactly how I felt but I get why they used that scene to highlight just how sick and twisted Joffery really is. They have to show that Joff is much more of a threat to Sansa than Cersei to help set up/explain her escape after Joff gets his "just deserts"
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