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    How would you rate episode 210?

    Why are so many people so negative. "Oh, they changed too much!" Apart from Dany, not a whole lot was changed, and that's because they needed her featured more prominently after such a great season 1. All the character development, arcs, emotions, feelings, etc. are all exactly the same as in the book. I thought Tyrion/Shae was an amazing scene that was better than the book. Theon showed remorse and desperation, just like the book; Arya developed due to the difficult situations she was put in and frankly, interacting with Tywin makes for better TV than getting beaten by a dumb chef; Jon talked with Ygritte, learnt about the Wildlings, and killed the Halfhand, albeit without Ghost (which was the only thing I was disappointed by) and showed how he was torn between serving the Halfhand and trying to fight the Wildlings; Sasha/Petyr seeds were planted for season 3 with Petyr's motivations revealed; Brienne and Jaime furthered their relationship meaning more screen time for everyone's favorite couple; Robb married the Westerling/Volantis girl which we got to see for the very first time; and we got to see A FREAKING OTHER!!! btw, Dany's dragons, for the first time ever, used their fire to burn the hotu, just like the books! (oh, I'm sorry, all three dragons were there instead, meaning there was more fire than in the books). Great season, great child actors (not given enough credit I believe since most child actors suck), great production quality for a TV show, amazing characters, and an amazing story. Even if it varies slightly, the story isn't diminished. Martin, who wrote the episode last week, made changes. Please just try to enjoy and stop being so negative at every slight little detail that is changed because one day, the show will no longer be on air and every single person on the forum, and every fan of the book and/or show will think, "Damn, that was one of the best shows on TV, and I complained about every tiny detail almost the whole time it was on air." the episode may not have been a 10/10, but the season as a whole has been a whole lot better than Glee (which I will never watch) or whatever bs is on TV these days. Last thing... season 3.... :drool: