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  1. Anyone read this book? Spoiler The Politics of Cultural Capital: China's Quest for a Nobel Prize in Literature by Julia Lovell In the 1980s China’s politicians, writers, and academics began to raise an increasingly urgent question: why had a Chinese writer never won a Nobel prize for literature? Promoted to the level of official policy issue and national complex, Nobel anxiety generated articles, conferences, and official delegations to Sweden. Exiled writer Gao Xingjian’s win in 2000 failed to satisfactorily end the matter, and the controversy surrounding the Nobel committee’s choice has continued to simmer.
  2. Pynchon or Krasznahorkai? Krasznahorkai or Pynchon? or another mediocre winner (Murakami, Roth, Nádas, Munro etc.)?
  3. http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/index.html 1901-1983: the list is (almost) excellent 1984-2011: blah Pynchon: I love conspiracy theories.
  4. First, who cares who will win the Nobel Prize in literature? Second, we don't know anything about Pynchon, is he a man, is she a woman, the name means a person or a group etc.? (By the way, is Krasznahorkai László (Satantango, The Melancholy of Resistance) on the list?)