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  1. Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but holy Arya foreshadowing. So well done too I thought
  2. They don't call him Sam the Slayer for nothing
  3. Gilly "you've got too much wood in there" Atta boy Sam
  4. But that's my point - he doesn't have to leave. I don't think she is going to make a shadow baby either... Stannis needs 3 kings to die, she can leech Gendry right there and then, toss the leeches into the fire (or carry them with her to show Stannis) and be done with it. @rickonkinginthenorth At 7:58 and on in this video they feature Thoros of Myr, showing his new role in the show (I just stumbled upon the video and thought of you immediately :P) Look at who he's with... This shows so much more than the trailer we all thought might have just been edited to look like they were in the same cave.
  5. Um how is joining the KG in any way guarding Stannis?
  6. Edric survived the leeching, why wouldn't Gendry? She doesn't need to take him or anything, only the ritual... It makes perfect sense since he's another bastard; she's got a connection between Red Priest Fire Skype; and she disappears again without a trace. No need to add a new character, and actually adds more value to Gendry since he goes silent otherwise until later. I didn't wonder who Arya shot at, I doubt she'll still be there when Mel arrives. Even if she is, the leeching will take place in the cave so the scene you're describing is something else altogether.
  7. I'm with everyone on the spy (Talisa) thing, but this is common war practice. They knew Robb was at Riverrun, they must have scouts around who saw the Karstarks leaving. There isn't much of a mystery in this one.
  8. I think it was very fitting that Beric responded to Arya's "burn in Hell!" with "He will, but not today" just as he was resurrected; a nice parallel and reminder of Syrio's "There is only one thing we say to death - not today".
  9. I really liked that (perhaps due to the fact that he's been up North for a while, and away from our screens) that he finally grew some cohones. And I don't mean the cave scene either, but him standing up to Orwell. It's the first time he didn't have the cry baby look on his face. Finally growing up and maturing. Then of course after popping the cherry and climbing the wall soon, he'll be fit for the Wall stuff in s4
  10. Also the last fetus she named was Edric - nice nod to Storm who most likely is out of the show altogether.
  11. Love love love Shireen singing Patchface's rambling for the credits
  12. So much yes... Bran's World Weirwood Web is totally going to tap into the actual "Promise me" bit
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