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    How would you rate episode 301?

    9/10 for me :) It probably helps that I read these books too long ago to remember the details, so I'm not bugged by anything really. Did love Strong Belwas though *sniff* And I think there was someone else missing I'd like to have seen, can't remember now who. Oh! Was SO stoked to see the Giant! I had dreamed (idealistically) of a breath-taking scene panning the breadth of Mance's impressive army, Giants riding Mammoths, the cannibals etc, but one giant will do… for now :P
  2. I was pretty disappointed. I'm kind of over the show now, so much of the tv additions are just stupid. Like that extended wahfest scene between Robb and his new love interest. Even my non-reader flatmates cringed the whole time. And my flatmates are so confused about the Brotherhood without banners. One reckons he knows who they are but he actually doesn't. And I'm now so confused I'm not sure if maybe they've rewritten them so I can't explain them to my flatmates without confusing them more. They think the brotherhood are who has been killing all the people :facepalm: I tried explaining that's not it but I confused them even more. Was hoping for more action, but just got a whole lot of boring. It should've picked up by now 4/10 from me.