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  1. @Bananalyn is it crazy that I know the exact scene you are talking about here haha.

  2. @grantgust dude, I saw The Revenant. I am still not ready.

  3. @TalkOfTheDead I cheered and clapped and Yesss.

  4. Snickers donut. Incredibly good. #donut #snickers #food #foodporn #thehungersons @ Moe's Doughs Donut… https://t.co/0eqiYC4pKp

  5. CindySnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Incredible episode! Stannis fighting was awesome. Joffrey you are a little b*tch as everyone knows. Loved The Hound this episode. The whole scene with Bronn shooting the arrow, how they zoomed in on his face, incredible. Peter Dinklage KILLED IT in this episode as Tyrion. HALFMAN! HALFMAN! HALFMAN!
  6. This episode was just ok for me. I enjoyed the Theon/Asha/Yara scene the most. I am glad that Jon has been reunited with the Halfhand so that story will continue as I had hoped. Brienne and Jamie are a match made in Westeros heaven and I can not wait to see more of them together! I DO NOT like anything about the Robb/Talisa nonsense. It is terrible. As for the Weasel Soup, I did not think it would be shown. Arya was not known as Weasel on the show so leaving it out was no big deal. Next week is going to be awesomeeeee!!!!!!