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  1. Man, Barristan sure is out of touch with the situation in Westeros. First he thinks Balon is come, except he knows that one is dead and then thinks its Theon of all people. Not that it matters much. At any rate, I imagine that this battle will be enough to attract Rhaegal and Viserion to join the fray ( on no particular side ), cue the dragon horn being blown. What happens then is anyones guess.
  2. Greetings, Stumbled upon the first book earlier this year and loved it. However, due to studies, I simply had no time to finish the remainder and it was only recently that I plowed through all five books, as well as the Dunk & Egg novellas. Joined because the discussions here seem interesting. You learns so much more about these books ( and really any book ) when you have someone to discuss it with. Seems like a great place with great people to cling together with while waiting for the Winds of Winter.
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