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  1. was really disappointed with this episode. Most of the episode I found to be boring and completely inconsequential. The bear scene is arguably my favorite scene in the entire series. Obviously, a lot of the drama was taken out because we don't have Vargo Hoat or the Brave Companions, so it makes no sense why Brienne was left to Locke and why two Bolton men would fight each other. I also missed all of Jaime's best lines... "What are you doing here?" "Something stupid" "Grab the wench" "Her name is Brienne, the maid of Tarth. You are still a maiden I hope? Good, i only rescue maidens" I was waiting for that scene all season and it was just awful! I didn't expect the bear to be that great, but I was hoping for some of Jaime's best dialogue of the entire series! I also hated the Robb scene. I hate the Blackfish in the series. I was really left disappointed by this...
  2. Lord Barristan

    How would you rate episode 206?

    I suggest you read David Simons books The Corner and Homicide and realize that the wire is as realistic as a show comes... Or come to Baltimore And see what it's like. I'll take you down to the west side and see if you come away alive Honestly you're comments are laughable
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    How would you rate episode 206?

    Omar is based off of real life people. Even in season 5 when he jumps out of a 5th story building and survives - that actually happened. The guy who is with Omar was the Omar of real life and he jumped out of a 5th story building during a shoot out and lived Quite frankly I don't know what you're talking about.... I'm from Baltimore and 95% of the stuff that goes down in the show is based on real life
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    How would you rate episode 206?

    I really liked this episode. I gave it an 8... The only reason it doesn't get a better grade is because some of the stuff if just plain bad. Robb's storyline is painful. What were they thinking to accomplish with Talisa? It's a train wreck IMO I can't stand carcetti as LF. I think he is doing a terrible job and the writing is bad too. I'm not trying to be a book snob, but IMO one of the things that makes LF so awesome inn GRRMs world is that we don't know what hes doing or what he's planning... We as the readers are left in the dark. I get the impression these LF scenes are being added just for the sake of the actor's undeserved salary. I never liked this guy as carcetti and I like him less as LF As for the bastard of the Bolton... If he is going to appear, why didnt they just do it like the book? I missed him pledging his sword to theon..; that made the later betrayal more shocking I'm not just saying this as a fan of the books. My favorite tv show of all time is the wire. I think asoif as GRRM wrote is like the wire of fantasy... The tv show doesn't give me that feel... Everything is so spelled out for the audience... It's not that the show isnt great, I love it, but it could be more. If David Simon were writing this (I know he wouldn't but if he were) this show would be 11/10 every week. This is HBO for gods sake, leave some ambiguity for the audience. It's not CBS of TNT... I know it's still complex, but the wire and the sopranos left a lot up to interpretation, don't see why d&d don't do that The positives for me were the KL Riot. Dinklage and Joff were great Theon continues to be my favorite story line. Maisie Williams is the perfect Arya. Charles Dance is the perfect Tywin Rose Leslie was awesome too I can't wait see rattleshirt
  5. Lord Barristan

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Stannis was older than 15 he was 20 or so and already knighted. Robert is only 1 year older than Stannis, so at the times the books begin Stannis is 34, by now he's 36 or 37