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  1. First, Jon and Mance are still a bit slow, as it was in the books. I think we will see more action once Tormond tries to scale the wall. Craster is a right foul git! You can see the tension welling in the remaining member of the NW. Nothing good is going to come from that. I feel bad for Gilly, fearing for her son, knowing what her evil father has in store for the baby. The Small Council scene was comical. As was Pod in the brothel. My man POD! :) Hoster Tully's funeral is exactly how I imagined it. Edmure in all of his incompetent splendor, while The Blackfish saves the day. He shot that arrow like a boss, didn't even have to watch to see if he hit pyre. I really felt for Cat is that scene, even-though, I still do not like her. Arys/Hotpie/Gendry was a touching scene. Hotpie with his homemade wolf, bidding Arry a safe journey to Winterhell. :)) The drunken Hound not remembering that they were at the inn where he killed little Micah. Stannis and the Red Witch, meh. I see where they are going with Melisandre and I don't like it, but... Loved Dany in Astapor. The Harpy looked amazing. The walk of punishment broke my heart. That poor slave wanted to hurry and die versus living a life of servitude to those cruel monsters. You could see the resolve in Danys' eyes, as she watched the slave children staring down at her. Kraznys is just so perfect. Exactly like the books for me. Jaime and Brienne: I could feel the fear in Brienne's eyes when she realized what would happen to her. I love that she was able to get a few licks in before they over-whelemed her. You could see how her screams worked Jaime's conscience. Jaime and Locke: While, I miss "kinthslayer" and "Thapphireth??", Locke is a great replacement for The Goat. You could see the cocky Kingslayer, thinking that Lannister gold was going to save him. The chop was so beautifully cruel. I cannot wait to see next week. Boy is really doing a job on Theon before the actual "work" begins. Even-though he deserves every bit of it, it's a bit hard to watch. I loved the Bear and the Maiden Fair song, both versions. The lyrics cracked me the hell up.
  2. Bran's voice is starting to sound like Harry Potter. I cannot believe that Jaime actually called Brienne a giant toe-headed plank. :lmao: "It's shame the throne isn't made out of cocks, you would have never gotten him off it." More Jaimeisms. :lmao:
  3. I liked the episode at lot. Catelyn only feels/felt that she ought to have been Jon's mother out of pure jealousy, not out of any affection for him. There isn't any love or affection and never was. She only felt guilty because it's pure evil to wish death upon an innocent baby and she knows it. Her continued hate for him after he healed is proof. The only reason that the is feeling guilt now is because she is heartbroken and fearful about the fate of her children, not that it is really her fault, but she is superstitious. I loved Gendry giving Arya grief over her three choices. Classic. It's what everyone has always said. It looks as if they've merged Thoros and Tom's characters into one. I won't bitch about it because I understand why. Liked Orell, he looked pretty much how I expected, except for the white eyeballs. Jaime and Brienne were awesome. Felt bad for my Sam. Love Edd. I forgot to add, Lady Oleana was awesome! I loved the way Margaery is playing Joffrey. Me thinks Joffrey protests a bit much about his uncles "perversions".
  4. My point was that Uncat couldn't officially name the sword. You are correct.
  5. Jaime didn't, Tywin Lannister, The Hand of the King, renamed it after he had it reforged into two longswords, Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper.
  6. Tywin could not have served as Hand of the King for twenty years if he were brutal. We are seeing wartime Tywin from the eyes of others.
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