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    How would you rate episode 209?

    This. Perhaps not his choice, though? Loved this!! Varys speaking (apparently truthfully and with feeling) to Tyrion concerning the rise of magic, things he's seen/heard outside of Westeros. Makes me wonder what else is in store for everyone's favorite Halfman. The poison in Cersei's hand: "I know what it will do!" Tyrion: "You can't f*ck your way out of everything." Shea: "It has worked so far." So many great moments from the book: Shea's "Lion." Sansa's realization that the Hound is no one to fear despite his looks. The Hound's fear on the strand. Joffrey's face watching the wildfire. The inexplicable actions of a Kingsguard Knight slashing Tyrion's face and Pod's courage. "The Rains of Castamere" at the end. It was like a love song to readers from GRRM. Thank you, Mr. Martin!
  2. Risha

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Gotta watch it again...