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  1. I thought Jamie & company were still miles from King's Landing - it's a little unclear, I'll have to rewatch the episode. In the scene prior to Dany's attack, we see Jamie paying off Bronn with gold from one of the wagons in the caravan. Plus I don't recall the terrain around King's Landing being quite so mountainous. Ah, this this site claims the gold was safely in King's Landing by the time Dany attacked.
  2. RobertF

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Clearly the best scene was Sam scraping greyscale off of Jonah Mormont, followed by the transition to Hot Pie eating a gooey, yellow, crusty pudding. Mmmmmm
  3. RobertF

    Shout out to Classical Warfare

    It also looked like Euron was firing Greek fire at Yara's ships. Or at least some kind of substance that was extremely flammable. But did that seem like a bright tactic, to set your enemy's ships on fire, and then board the ships, which might endanger your own ships? Plus I gather Euron would be better off capturing most of Yara's fleet intact.
  4. In the middle of the ocean, at night no less? I'm assuming Yara was at sea, en route to Dorne and no longer anchored off of Dragonstone. The other thing that bugged me is how quickly Euron could assemble a new fleet, and man it, after Yara took the bulk of the Greyjoy ships and seamen.
  5. So how will the FX dept pull of Jaimie's missing hand in future episodes, I wonder?