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  1. That's why Allen is a good casting decision for Theon, he's not ugly, he's even attractive to a certain extent, but there's something untrustworthy, unhealthy even, about him that just corresponds perfectly to Theon. However, isn't Euron supposed to be smoking hot ? At least that's how he's pictured. Two last remarks : do you think they'll already start expanding on the Children of the Forest ? And is it me or has Sansa/Sophie Turner really changed since episode 1 ?
  2. An excellent episode, much, so much better than episode 2 ! I really liked Theon's scenes. Alfie Allen really has come into the character. The Drowned God ceremony was intense. Nice scene between Yoren and Arya, especially the part where Yoren talks about repeating the name of the man who killed his brother every night, like a prayer (I don't think that's in the books...), that's pretty good writing, to introduce Arya's bedtime prayer. The whole Tyrion - Littlefinger - Varys - Cersei - Pycelle part was probably the highlight of the episode (of course, any appearance of Peter Dinklage is the highlight of an episode :lol: ) I liked Brienne. I did picture her as devoted yet stoic and stern. The introduction of the Martells and the Tyrells in what was just a "Stark vs Evil Blonds vs that gay guy vs the dude with the red woman" is nicely done as well, just to remind people that there is a bigger picture. Oh, and FINALLY the "Power is a curious thing..." scene. Somehow it got ruined for me in a way, they really overused it in trailers. I still haven't made up my mind about Asha. I guess we'll have to see.
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    Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but there's this passage in ADWD : Compare to this passage from the Return of the King : Though there are a few differences between Tormund and Théoden :laugh: