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  1. Ser Pink of Floyd

    How would you rate episode 209?

    In one vast swoop of Sandors sword, that episode made me forget every complaint ive had with this series, sure it wasnt *quite* like the book, but as far as bringing the best of Blackwater to the TV screens, the did it with stunning results. It was directed well, produced brilliantly and very well written. I have no real complaints to add, except for the need for ad breaks!!
  2. Ser Pink of Floyd

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    This series starting to be hit & miss with me, with stuff in each episode. I enjoy lots of thing, but get annoyed with others. On this whole, this is a good week, the Kings Landing scenes were very good and when the Hound rescued Sansa was awesome. Tyrion smacking Joff was excellent. But the 2 main gripes I have is the changes, which wouldnt be so bad if they wasnt so extreme. This whole Robb romance thing would have been easy to do, the next time he sees this bird (Jeyne Westerling?) is when she's treating his wounds in her old mans keep after Robbs taken it. That explains the romance, and keeps it relevent to the books for when she next appears infront of Cat as Robbs new wife. The other part, and its a good/bad is still Harrenhal. I actually enjoy Tywin in this, the actor plays him down to a T. But at the same time, I keep reminding myself he shouldnt be there, Maybe next week some of the Northeners (and Roose?) will arrive in chains allowing for Arya to free them with her last kill moving the story back in sync with the books...
  3. Ser Pink of Floyd

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    I dopubt he's going to find it now, perhaps they've written it so that Sam wonders upon finding it, its a minor thing for his character, but Sam defeating that 1 whitewalker with it gives us Sam the Slayer! Im not sure I like the look of Qhorin Halfhand, nothing against the actor but he just doesnt look as badass as Qhorin obviously is in the books. I always imagined him looking like a character 'Keldorn' from the PC game Baldurs Gate 2. Not a bad episode though, I think its better then last weeks and I cant wait to see what the battle at FoFM looks like, although I think that S2 will end with those 3 horn blasts.
  4. Ser Pink of Floyd


    Hello all! I, like many others, discovered ASOIAF after watching & loving the recent HBO series A Game of Thrones and instantly went and read all the books back to back before finding this forum. Loved the books but reading the threads here shows just how much more then a simple fantasy series they are, with the threorys and history in the books, I plan on re-reading them in the next year (after the list of other books I have). Anyway, Im from Kent and yes, I am a Pink Floyd fan (hense the username)