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  1. I find it funny that they introduced Renly in the third episode. There was quite some talk about him and the power he has in the first two episodes. Now that he finally made an appearance, Stannis will land at Storm`s End in the next episode and judging by the preview for episode 4, we will be seeing shadowbabies. And we all know what that means... I am sure that the showmakers want to make Renly`s death something like Ned Stark`s death (not such a huge surprise of course) and I think that two episodes won`t be enough to make us sympatise with him and his death. And isn`t that why they probably changed him so much from the book? There he was more charismatic, but a shallow character. Robert reborn. And when he died, I was surprised, but I didn`t feel sorry for Renly. Here, is a much more "stereotypical" gay but a much more complex charater. And I think he is more likable than in the books. I can more easily identify with him. That probably makes me one of the few that actually like show Renly, I guess.
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    How would you rate episode 202?

    Gave it a 7. I didn`t mind the sex scene between Stannis and Melissandre, but "I will give you a son" was stupid beyond anything. Stannis wouldn`t want to make a bastard. And I don`t like the fact that we will see Renly in the third episode, since he is already out of the picture by the end of the fourth.