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    How would you rate episode 304?

    Giving it a 9, only to leave room for The Rains of Castamere to top it. A fantastic episode from start to finish.
  2. Elrond Hubbard

    How would you rate episode 303?

    I am going to go out on a limb here and give it a six. The Podrick brothel scenes were juvenile and left me embarrassed that I recommend the series to friends and family. I am not a prude, but I prefer entertainment that treats sex with more maturity than an "American Pie" movie. The rest of the episode was fairly uneventful, with the exception of Theon's escape and Jaime losing his hand at the end.
  3. Elrond Hubbard

    How would you rate episode 302?

    I gave it a six. Like episode 301, 302 was very slow. However, 301 had two great scenes, Tywin's answer to Tyrion asserting his rights to Casterly Rock and Dany negotiating with Kraznys for the Unsullied. The only really memorable scene for me in this episode was the introduction of Olenna Tyrell. Also, I hate, hate, hate the Cat scene in this episode. One of the worst changes they made to the books.