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  1. Nine. Would be a ten because EMOTIONS :bawl: but there was too much Shae. I suppose some people were fine with that, but I don't particularly like her character.
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    Hi! :) I've been randomly posting for a few days (and lurking w/o being a member for some time now), but I haven't really introduced myself or anything. Fourteen years young, female, Coloradoan (Boulder) transplanted to Texas some years ago. I love reading and I love people and I love quoting random things from what I read at those people. Especially LotR, that's very quotable. And now, ASOIAF. (Reading it against my parents' wishes, lol.) Gosh, I love it. If I were to put myself in any house, it'd be Lannister - though I'm most like the Tullys. My favorite characters are (were...) Arya, Ned, and Jaime, but I have some love for nearly every character, since they're all so multi-faceted and complex. And yeah, I totally have a crush on Jaime. (not from the show, I haven't seen it...although the guy who plays him is quite attractive, he's not at all how I pictured Jaime) That's about it! :)
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