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  1. Stark Winds

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    Reading these is like listening to sports commentary. It's entertaining as well as gruesome. I can't see the episode until tomorrow, and now I know that a thousand boxes of tissues won't help me get through this episode.
  2. Stark Winds

    References and Homages

    Why did I not hear of this when I was taking Biology? xD
  3. Oh seven hells. I meant to say 10 but I pressed 9 by accident. Oh my goodness! What an episode! Although I wished LC Mormont could have taken Craster out instead of being stabbed in the back, but since I don't really remember exactly HOW he died...I can't say if it was canon or not. First time I've whole-heartedly been cheering DANY DANY since the end of the first season. What a "OH BURN" moment (pun intended) when she was like "Valyrian is my mother tongue!" (I understood you when you called me bitch and whore). That ending shot with the Unsullied, and Dany just dropping the whip like that, and the dragons flying in the sky...I have chills
  4. Stark Winds

    How would you rate episode 303?

    The end credits. There to make the viewers go WTF enough to not die of heart attacks from the last scene. :lmao: In all seriousness, I was expecting the hand-cutting to happen in this episode, but not for it happen...like that...so suddenly and disconcertingly... Catelyn...no words other than "heartbreaking." I loved Daenerys's smirk when she was trading with Kraznys. You just know she's planning to have Drogon roast his face. Oh and the "oh it's we now?" from Jorah was hilarious. Also the "Rhaegar died' quote. Loved the way it was delivered. Ah Hot Pie. The only character I can think of off the top of my head leaving the show who doesn't die. Very high 8 for this episode.
  5. Stark Winds

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    My goodness. When rock "Bear and the Maiden Fair" started playing I practically jumped out of my skin. A) it was extremely confusing because the music started playing in the middle of the last scene, drowning out Jaime's pivotal moment, and the dialogue beforehand. B) Well...there could not have been a more jarring and irrelevant song to hear right after Jaime getting his hand cut off. But I really loved that they incorporated this song in this episode! And the rock version...well I think I just found my new ringtone haha. Meereenese knot. Yes, yes writers! Continue doing good things like that! The whole Pod scene was yes, kind of useless, but so funny. Melisandre and Stannis scene--made me cringe seeing uptight, hard-ass Stannis saying, "I want you" like that, but I liked Melisandre's reaction. That scene shows just how much Stannis relies on Melisandre for his power. Ramsay's introduction--awesome! "You bastard!" and then Ramsay just calmly sticks an arrow through his face. Gosh I feel so bad for Theon, but I'm excited to continue watching his and Ramsay's storyline. I liked the part with Talisa and the Lannister boy. It was funny the way she was like "is it full moon? No? OK then, you have nothing to worry about." scaring the wits out of the kid. The good bye to Hot Pie was quite fun to watch too. "What is this?" "It's a wolf." "Is that the tail?" LOL Again another episode that had me laughing out loud, or going "oh no s/he di'in't!" or just plain clutching my face (Jaime. cough. cough). It is definitely different watching things unfold onscreen than reading about them happening.
  6. Cat feels. Enough said.

  7. Stark Winds

    [No Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    Brienne beating Jaime was quite a satisfying scene. Gosh I can't believe I can't remember this from the books. Theon killed the ravens from telling that "Bran" and "Rickon" are dead, right? Then when Ramsay burned Winterfell, Catelyn assumes that Bran and Rickon were burned to death too? Man I wish I had the CoK and SoS with me to verify...
  8. Stark Winds

    How would you rate episode 302?

    I feel the same way! I liked the Cat scene. How else would she mourn over the possible loss of her sons but feeling guilty? She did leave Bran before he woke, and has been feeling bad for it since forever. The fact that she told the story about Jon just shows the extent of how much she really wanted to have a whole, intact family, which she never had in the beginning, and will never now (and of course the feeling guilty that she could not get over the fact that Jon was not her son). The Red Wedding is going to be just so much more heartbreaking. I also love the scene between Margaery and Joffrey. He just seems so confused around her ahaha. And why my dear Reeds. You just had to have the most badass entrance? I do agree that there were some unnecessary scenes, like the Tyrion/Shae one. Although it was cute, I feel like they could have done something a bit more...useful? I loved all the Arya parts though. Overall, a solid 7.
  9. Stark Winds

    How would you rate episode 301?

    9/10 My only complaint other than that 55 minutes is too short! :) is Ros and Shae's interaction. I liked that it was there because it shows that Sansa is finally beginning to truly understand the extent of how sucky reality is compared to stories, and it made it clear that Littlefinger is not just a scheming man, but a potentially frightening scheming man--a nice set up for the whole Lysa spectacle later. I just thought that Shae's acting was a little stiff. Maybe that's just me. But what I really liked about that scene is (if they end up going with the whole Shae-Tywin thing, not Tysha/Tywin) is that Tywin must have backed her against a wall to use her against Tyrion, and that Tyrion misunderstands and kills her (which sounds really dramatic, but they have 2 seasons to set this up if the writers decide to go with Tyrion killing Shae). Whatever the writers decide, this scene made me want Shae to die even less. (If that was the writers' intention, then bravo! Go on and break my heart! haha) The scene between Tyrion/Cersei was perfect. I loved the way the "I'm still cleverer than you" was delivered. Tyrion and Tywin's scene was heartbreaking. I felt so embarassed for Tyrion when he started asking for his birthright, because it must have been excrutiating for him, and then Tywin's rebuttal. Man that actor is amazing. I enjoyed Margaery's whole orphanage visit, mainly because I love Natalie Dormer (more screen time for her? Yes please!) And the look on Joffrey's face was so funny. Margaery definitely knows how to manipulate him in a way that Sansa will probably never know. (Poor little monster King looked so out of his depth ahaha) I liked the Stannis Davos Melisandre scene because it makes sense that Melisandre would be...a little miffed to be left behind. Jon/Mance scene was amazing. I never thought much of Kit Harington's acting before , but that scene made me excited to see Lord Commander Snow in a few years. Bronn...no other words. I can watch him go about King's Landing making fun of knights all day. That last part with the Unsullied also needs no words. Thank you writers for revealing Ser Barristan so early. The part with the nipple-cutting was expectedly gruesome, and the part with the girl freaked me out to no end ahaha. Very good first episode. Even if it didn't stick straight to the book, it was entertainig and well-executed. Cannot wait for the rest of the season!
  10. "Pond. Amelia Pond."

  11. Stark Winds

    References and Homages

    Thank you GRRM, Reading all these homages/references made me go and read all these books mentioned :D