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    manga, anime, Lord of the Rings, A song of ice and fire, SANDOR CLEGANE, Asian make up, chatting with peeps online, making new friends, being random, etc :#

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    Thanks a lot UnStubby :) You are really nice :3
  2. Just started reading A Storm of Swords 8D YAYZ!!!

  3. NinaStark


    Hey everyone :D My name is Carolina, though most people just call me Nina ^^ I'm 16. I started reading ASOIF after my sister got obsessed with this series and I have to admit that it's one of the best series I've ever read :3. I love chatting online, so.. anybody who feels like chatting with some random-weird girl just PM me 8D. I shall answer you with all my happiness and randomness 8D ps: I was wondering if anybody could help me with my profile pic- ( I'm feeling dumb already, >.>) ps2: I was also wondering if there are any anime/manga lovers who're into ASOIAF(like me XD)????