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  1. Not that great of an episode. Had hoped they would put more CGI / animal-trainer budget into the bear scene, which really was the only memorable thing about this episode. I expected the bear to die at least and to give Jamie a bit more of a fight. But oh well... it was a right proper huge bear, not a CGI one, that's a great thing on its own. I suppose they aren't that easily trained to roll over and act dead so it was as much as could be expected. But what the hell were they thinking shooting Jamie's and Qyburn's scene in front of a Scottish Highlands looking backdrop?? They're supposed to be in the riverlands, a forested and hilly but fertile region. Not the bleak wastes of the North. Meh... All in all: Quite a forgettable episode with very little in the way of Ep.6s super-great melancholic mood setting or Ep. 5's legendary swordfight. A 6 if I feel generous.
  2. After some thinking, I realized what the Bran scene was for. Watch it again and look at what Meera and Osha are doing at the start of the scene. Then, skip forward and look at what Iwan Rheon is doing to Theon's finger. :ack:
  3. Good episode all-around. I loved the music score. Grandiose closing shot, with Job and Ygritte on top of the wall, looking south - easily the best of the season so far. Awesome melancholy-mood ending to a melancholy episode. Normally I'd find an episode with no action at all boring. Especially coming on the heels of another action-less episode. But this episode was so charged with emotion, in every scene, that I think it deserves a 9. It's just great to see how the directors in this season are giving each episode a distinct feel - in this aspect, providing of great "arches of emotion" they are definitely surpassing the novels by giving a coherence to the story that GRRM's books never had. I love the novels dearly, but you have to admit that the novels' chapters don't tie nearly as well into one another as the story segments do in this season's episodes. Marvelous television! A few minor plot twists however were jarring to me: Loras being made out to be Margaery's only brother. What the hell! That makes no sense. He's not acting like an only son, at all. His character is conceived as the typical reckless younger son, not the guy to whom Mace Tyrell looks as his heir. Tywin threatening to "summon" Loras Tyrell to the Kingsguard. A real WTH x 2 moment, to me. You don't ORDER people to join the KG. How is that even supposed to work out!! Do you really want to have a bodyguard who loathes his job?? What were they thinking! Very weak plot twist. Gendry being taken by Melisandre: I don't object to the slight smirching of the BWB's purity of motives, compared to the books, since it's just realistic that even the most kind-hearted guerilla movements have to make compromises and dirty their hands in order to keep their fight going. And I loved seeing Mel and Thoros talk to each other - ever since reading ASOS actually where they never got to do that. BUT. In the context of the story, it's a bit silly that Stannis' riders can traverse through the Riverlands with a Stanis flag and a red cloaked priestess in tow. Also, I don't see at all where this story arc is going. And if they are going to have Gendry sacrificed at Dragonstone then I am so going to hate D&D for it. All in all though it was a really enjoyable episode. 9 out of 10.
  4. 11 out of ten, that's how awesome this episode was. :bowdown: Easily one of the top 3 episodes of the entire series.
  5. Just watched the episode. Loved it! 9 points from me. Excellent television. Best points (to me): Riverrun (the castle) Introduction of the Tullys: Changed from the books; but not necessarily for the worse. Well fleshed out characters. Hot Pie's goodbye Craster's look when he called Sam a pig and licked his lips :devil: Dany's negotiations with Kraznys Theon being pursued and knocked off his horse by the Dreadfort men Weak points: Stannis / Mel at the beach (WTF?? Stannis suddenly witty yet whiny?) :bs: Podrick in the whorehouse, later getting all patted on the back for whatever (what was the point of that??) Brienne howling as she was dragged away for rape Shock points for sudden ultra-graphic brutality: "This here should help you remember..." :ack: I think people who dislike the show should generally not watch the previews and the character introduction videos. And not read all the text about the episodes beforehand. Spoiling yourself by letting others tell you what to expect is a surefire way to ruin your enjoyment of the show.
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