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  1. It's for the best that the cliffhanger in Arya's PoV didn't make it. If it did, those fans vowing that they're done with the show would well and truly stop watching. Poor Hitler :(
  2. 10 Were some of the things that make the RW scene great lost in the adaption? Yes. Did it have the same effect on the TV audience? Definitely.
  3. greatgeek

    How would you rate episode 303?

    9 The Good -Riverrun scenes -"musical" council chairs -goodbye Hot Pie -creepy Craster -Dany -Theon scenes (great chase sequence) -Jaime and Brienne -The Bear and the Maiden Fair (not sure its my favorite rendition, but a good one) The Meh -North of the Wall scenes -Podrick the Pimp (totally gratuitous, but at least it was entertaining) -Blackfish shoving Edmure The Bad -use of Bear and the Maiden Fair (should have been ep 7 - bear pit scene, cut to credits, song, epic)
  4. 8.5/10 The Good -QoT/Sansa/Margery -Margery playing the game (really liking these invented scenes so far) -Reed intro (could have use a bit more time to establish why they're there, but still good) -Arya/BwB -Jamie/Brienne (liked the fight, a brawl would have been better but w/e) -Theon The Meh -Catelyn's speech (thought it was quite good until she says "everything bad that's happened to the Starks is the result of her not being able to love Jon", wtf?) -Mance, Tormund (not bad but haven't grabbed me the way their book counterparts did) -Robb (hopefully things start to happen in this storyline after the Tullys are introduced) The Bad -Shae scenes
  5. I expect to see the Lady Hornwood plot, and maybe some Dreadfort/Manderly friction in season 4.
  6. Thoros and Tom are merged because Thoros sings a song? I'm not buying it.
  7. greatgeek

    How would you rate episode 301?

    8 A solid episode with some good scenes, and one or two great ones.
  8. greatgeek

    How would you rate episode 209?

    9.9/10 Perfect but for the rushed ending.
  9. Lady Hornwood might appear in season 3/4 as part of Theon's story. It might just be the why she kills the Undying Ones.