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  1. never trust a bard

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Where was Hodor's Bran Bjorn? lol Everyone is so dissapointed, but I am happy with the episode. The series standing alone, it was a fantastic season. Reeds cast for next season!!!!!!!!!! WHoo hoooo!!!
  2. never trust a bard

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Holy Awesome.
  3. never trust a bard

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    WOW. Best episode yet. Amazing. It was nice to get a whole epi on one topic. Amazing battle but still so many great moments for characters. Best line: Any man dies with a clean sword, I will rape his fucking corpse! - Sandor Most chilling moment: Throne room with Tommen. :eek: Best acting: Tie between Cersei and Sansa, well and Sandor, Joeffrey too ... ok, and a ton others. Loved all the Sandor stuff. The wildfire was breathtaking. I'm so amazed that we got so much character in this great battle episode. We saw great character moments from Cersei (evil and vulnerable), Jeoffrey (weak and stupid), Sansa (starting to develop into her own), Sandor (seeing what a wrecked person he is), Tyrion (one of the few people who's got a great head on his shoulders). I could go on and on. So many great moments. Pod, Renly's armor, OMG. I'll just stop.
  4. never trust a bard

    How would you rate episode 207?

    Sometimes I try to think about how I would see the episode if I had no book knowledge, but I do, so its impossible. The episode was great though and I'm really enjoying the series. It's hard to watch it knowing (for example) that the Reeds are supposed to be there, but if you hadn't read the books, you would never know anything was missing. That being said, it's impossible not to critique the changes. Knowing they have to speed things up, I think they're doign a great job. First, I love getting more of Tywin. The show can take you places you couldn't go before without that character being a POV. Getting to know Tywin better? Yes please. Though I don't see any univserse where Tywin can't figure out who she is. I'm grateful for a sped up Dany story and really hope we can get to the HOTU before the season ends. What I don't like is getting to see the development of the Rob/Jeyne. In the books you don't see it, so you only have to assume they way they're relationship worked out, it was worth him f'ing over the Freys. Watching it play out though, it just seems like he's totally pursuing her and just completely disregarding his vows. I guess that is what he actually did, but it's frustrating to watch. On another note, I think the Theon stuff is spot on. My friend who hasn't read the books was franticly texting me to see if Bran and Rickon were actually dead.
  5. never trust a bard

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    Right? I asked my husband the same thing. I am really loving this season so far, but am sad that its going by so fast. I'm good with all the changes so far because there's only so much time and, well, I'm not gonna complain if they speed up Dany's storyline. I feel like kidnapping the dragons just served to add some excitement to her story a bit, as opposed to just showing her yelling at people all the time. Honestly, I don't think Clark's acting is all that great, so the less of her yelling about taking what is her's by right, the better, IMO. Can't wait to her in the HOTU!! LOVED the Theon stuff too. That was perfect. Major kudos to the acting for Theon and Bran.
  6. never trust a bard


    I would say that depends on who you are.
  7. never trust a bard


    Hello all ... my name is Joan. I've been trying to avoid too much internet exposure until I'm finished reading, but was delighted to find the chapter by chapter threads! I ruined a few plot points on the wiki just reading house and character descriptions. UGH. Anyway, I'm almost finished with ADWD (about 200 pages left). I started reading GoT while hubby was deployed in August and I'm almost done now! Holy obsession. Hopefully I can keep myself from spending all day on here.