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  1. The guy who two episodes back had the big reveal that it was miraculously him behind the murder of a very important character in S01E01 talks about people dying on chamber pots and then another two episodes later a very important character dies on the chamber pot and the unsullied are not going to suspect him? seems misleading to me.
  2. "squatting over their chamber pots" I read a lot of people interpret this as foreshadowing Tywin's death in ep. 10. I think it's not, I think it's a wink to book readers and a sign that Tywin is not going to die on the shitter, but somewher else, somewhere more suited for TV. While it certailny could be done, showing the whole dialog between Ty and Ty on the toilet would be increadibly awkward. It's much easier to picture someone shitting than watching someone shitting. So I think they take it to a more filmable venue and this was our wink from D&D as a tribute to that book scene. I think the show has done it a few times, reference book they didn't show in a line here or there. If they do it on the toilet than this line from LF will stand out as increadibly conspicuous on a rewatch. Why did he know about that? Did he plan this one behind the curtains as well? So my money is on no "shitting gold" on the show. More likely the bedchamber with dead Shae in the background.