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  1. 6/10 King's Landing and the North were excellent in my opinion, Jorah/Tyrion and Arya were simply okay, and Dorne was a hot, stinking mess. Dorne- - How did Jaime and Bronn get to the water gardens so quickly? One second they were pointing to it on the road, and the next they were standing next to Myrcella and the Prince. - How were Jaime and Bronn able to get into the water garden so effortlessly? Why not spend a few minutes showing them entering the gardens? Killing a guard? It felt contrived. - Right after Jaime and Bronn arrive, the Sand Snakes show up. Um..what? Where did they come from? How did both parties arrive at the same time? - Cue bad action sequence. - Guards arrive and arrest the fighters + Obarra. End of Dorne. WHAT?!!?!?! Who are the Sand Snakes? They all have had zero characterization on the screen. To me...they all could be replicas of one another for all I know. On this show, the writers have given me no reason to care about any of the living characters in Dorne. Edit: Forgot to add that recasting older Myrcella and adding in the make out scene was unnecessary to the plot, and I'm annoyed that it ate up screen time. Edit: The make out scene had zero impact because up to this point both of these characters have either been nonexistent or extras. The writing in Dorne is not up to par with the rest of the season. Good writing makes me care about the characters, or interested in their journey, but again...ZZZ.
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