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    Nature, biology, science, animal behaviour, dogs, outdoor activities (horseriding, dog sledding), tv series, medieval music and festivals, role playing games, LARP, weight training, fitness, nutrition... heck, what am I NOT interested in?

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  1. YARR! God, this episode actually made me love Theon. Impossible. Had goosebumps all through the ironborn scenes. How he opposes his father, the slap, the ritual, his stone-hard face after he had been baptized, the burning letter... awesome. Stunning. Unexpected. Yoren! I always loved the character and cheered for the fact that he wasn't just randomly killed off, but died as a hero. Anti-hero, but still... Also loved the scene with Margaery and Renly. I always had the feeling she wasn't the innocent little fluff bunny. Sansa and Shae. Hilarious. Worlds collide. 10 out of 10. Well, actually 12 out of 10, but the poll was broken. :-P
  2. Okay, it seems I am in the far minority here, but I gave this one a straight 10/10 and would do it again. :D Yes, there have been changes from the book, but maybe that's exactly what had me hooked and nailed to the screen every second. It was like a director's cut of the book, we get to see the scenes we missed in the books, a different angle and finally a breathtaking visual aspect. I don't know if Ros was absolutely necessary, but she didn't bother me either. We just get to see MORE than we got in the books. The wolves were breathtaking! The scenes with Daenerys were so full of tension, as opposed to the books where I found them a bit stretched and boring, to be honest. Melisandre! The totally unexpected Littlefinger scene! Now I do get the feeling that Littlefinger is being displayed a little too much as the James Bond villain, not as the multidimensional psychotic plotter as I always imagined him. But still, not enough to take away from the awesomeness. Joffrey's acting was genius! I nearly peed myself in all of the Tyrion scenes, Peter Dinklage is a god. I laughed, I cried, I shivered, I gasped, was disgusted, infuriated, amused and amazed. Really. That was awesome. And yes, I did read the books. I don't see the books and the show competing against each other, but as complementary. And as such, they build something wonderful together, So yes, if I ever had a TV orgasm, that was it. Expecting multiple more to come. I'm probably easily entertained. Yay for being me, I had a blast! :-P
  3. 45% of ADwD - love, love, love the book!

  4. Started ADwD...

  5. 90% of AFfC and really no idea what's going to happen.

  6. 90% of AFfC and really no idea what's going to happen.

  7. 55% read of AFfC and my kindle broke. NAAOOOOOOES!

  8. 31% of AFFC. Might even be among my favourites so far.

  9. 15% of AFfC... love the book! Don't get why people say it's boring.

  10. 5% of AFFC - who are all those people...?

  11. 95% on ASoS and gnawing off my fingernails...

  12. 75% of SoS and definitely not depressed anymore.

  13. 50% of SoS and still some people alive... :-P

  14. Gasping in shock and awe while listening to ASoS, about 50% read. Holy mother of moly!

  15. Currently reading ASoS. Can't stop reading. "Just another chapter." "Okay, that's it, just this page." "Two more minutes of the audiobook."