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  1. 2 arrows in the back, one in the leg. By next season he can either be completely healed or just limp around a bit. Really not that big of a deal.
  2. STONEHEART would have worked great as a finale. We still have Robb and Talisa dead, as well as Arya being completely mindfucked from seeing her brother's massacred body. Catelyn coming back to life as a vengeful zombie wouldn't have lessened the damage that's been dealt to the Starks at all. And it would have been far, far better than that terrible Mhysa scene.
  3. 7. Stand out scenes: - The opening at the Twins - Arya and The Hound killing Frey soldiers - Roose and Walder' conversation - The Nightfort and Bran's departure - Castle Black scenes - Jaime's return to King's Landing The ending was stupid. With all that's going on in Westeros I don't give a damn about Daenerys right now. Terrible way to end the finale.
  4. Stannis is the same character he was in the books.
  5. They don't NEED to credit an actor in the opening credits just because they appear in the episode. There are plenty of movies/shows that don't credit a special guest for the very reason that they don't want to spoil the surprise.
  6. Hated the ending, and in a season finale the ending is extremely important. Otherwise it was a good episode. My favorite scene was the Hound and Arya killing those Frey assholes at the campfire.
  7. The ending was incredibly goofy. With everything going on in Westeros I really don't give a damn about Daenerys right now.
  8. 10/10 No, it wasn't perfect, but I feel like I just got punched in the heart. Job well done.
  9. Melisandre is hot and all but that scene was retarded, and went on way too long.
  10. Well I see no reason to delve into all of that at this point. It's obvious she's had a long hard life and that's made her who she is, and that's what's important. Whatever happened to her parents it was most likely bad.
  11. The first time since season 1 that Jon Snow actually acted like Jon Snow. I feel he's one of the characters the show writers just don't like or understand.
  12. The world of ASOIAF is heavily based on a male dominated society is what he meant.
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