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  1. Hmm, I also somehow just assumed they are intelligent, since from other stories or mythology they are portrayed as intelligent beings - but why didn't the show emphasize that, is beyond me. Drogon, did, however make an intelligent choice at the end.
  2. Biggest mistake in this whole season (and a bit with few previous seasons as well) has been the writing which doesn't feel like it "lives it's own life" through characters, but it is written and forced down the characters throats. Why Martins writing is so intelligent, is that the "characters write the script" so to speak. Which is why many things written by D&D and in the last season feel "out of place", out of character, disappointing and "left open". Heres just a fewww things: -If Dragons are so intelligent, they should've established that in the show more, to show how they can make intelligent decisions. -It would have been more interesting to see Danys turn to the dark side earlier and see her personal struggle. -Extremely illogical how none of the closest characters to Jon ever stood up for him and suggested him as Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the iron throne. -What happened to all the letters Varys sent out, or what was the purpose to film it in such detail if they weren't sent out - crappy visual storytelling. -Arya didn't use her face-swap skill at all????? -What happened to all the prophesies????? It was just a waste of time to even talk about them in eralier seasons if NONE of them were brought up. -The councel meeting felt like a bad joke, as if the actors were just rehearsing. Wheel was not broken, it was all the same again. - ..IF YOU WANNA MAKE BRAN AS A COOL CHOICE FOR A KING... How about include him in season 5, also how about show us more what Bran can see, establish him more, let us see into his world, maybe he could've warged a Dragon at some point - establish a character so that the viewers can root for him as well. Viewers have zero emotional connection with that creepy character. -WHY THE HECK was JON made into such a mindless halfwit - someone who has led so many wars, how can he be so blinded by love - I can't even. Like I said, the writing obviously comes from the writers and is forced upon the story, and not from the characters.
  3. Yes, for Sam, Davos, Tyrion, Arya, Sansa, Bran - for all of them it was ridiculously out of character and illogical for at least one of them to mention Jon and mention Aegon and his true heritage to the throne. I couldn't believe it. During the Tyrion/Jon conversation I was expecting Tyrion to call him Aegon any minute. I kind of feel like Jon never accepted his true heritage but if more people would have had then.... Just didn't make any sense at all.
  4. I absolutely hate how Jons character was rendered so dumb and useless. Would've been great to see he suddenly owning up to his real name Aegon, growing a spine and making bold decisions.
  5. Ghosteline

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    I assume Dragons are intelligent but operate on a bit different level of intelligence than humans. They are magical beings right? Their understanding of time/space cause/effect might be different. I guess he didn't burn Jon, because Jon is a Targaryen, so almost kind of like "family". Iron Throne is a symbol of power, which Dany was fixated towards and the real reason she went mad in the end - fixation of power. So Drogon destroyed the symbol of power.
  6. Another note- if you try to imagine to listen all the dialogues without music in the background - I mean without the whiny violin in the background, all the dialogues are ridiculous and don't make sense.
  7. -I honestly predicted Dany becoming mad in the end.. but the way it was delivered was bollocks. -What was the point for Jon to be half Targaryen and rightful heir? What was even the point of this revelation? Why wasn't this mentioned anymore? -Arrrgh too many open ends (and I don't mind open ends but in this case it just feels like lazyness). -The show did owe it's huge fanbase at least one greatly satisfying culmination. None was satifying to be honest. -Lacked a lot of imaginative potential. I did't feel surprpised at all - just a big yawn. I was hoping for direwolf pack to return. -Arya didn't change faces at all???? -What or who is Bran.. like wtf. And what is he doing most of the time? Going to find Drogon?? For what?? Why? I have zero emotional bond with his character. -Councel meeting felt like actors were rehearsing while being half-drunk and tired. Tyrion is not smart not funny anymore, just tired and old. blaah don't even feel like typing any more, just sort of nothing to say. Disappointment.
  8. The tropes is not an issue, unexpected 180-degree twists of the story and characters is definitely not an issue. It's simply lacking intelligent storytelling. Motivations of characters have become numb and blurry whereas earlier, even if a character made a very unexpected change of mind - I still believed it as part of this characters storyline. Now most of the choices the lead-characters are making seem forced just to satosfy the show, shock value. Characters don't seem believable anymore, I can feel the script too much and not the characters. In a good show you forget the script and you are so immersed in the world because you believe it. Well now it has a different flare - its not that anymore. It seems forced, rushed, I don't believe it, I can see some of the writing is there just "because" - and just because they need to speed things up and as if "this just happens because its TV and these things can happen" - not even trying to make sense in that Westerosi universe anymore but making sense in a TV universe. And thats the shit writing right there.
  9. I've been a fan for years, read the books, theorised, chatted about it with friends, at one point even was wearing all black since I was so inspired by the crows. Even if some episodes have been shit, I could still digest it because I was curious and hopeful, thinking: "I'm sure it'll have a clever explanation later-on." Now I haven't even watched the two last episodes - I just quicly run over some clips on youtube. It doesn't interest me anymore, no interesting dialogues, no clever explanations to anything that has been built up for years! Fans who have been loyal to the show and books for years deserved so much better, solid smart ending with fully accomplished storylines. The show turned into a cheap pop-corn visual shit-show. The magic of GoT is gone. It is truly ruined for me. I hope GRRM will write a much better ending. Bitter sweet? It wasn't even bitter and very far from sweet. Just tastless and dry that you need to chew for too long. Even I've taken screenwriting courses and can tell what an epic fail this script-writing has been.
  10. Just completely done with Game of Thrones. Magic is gone. There is soo much I don't like that I don't even bother to write them down. But the magic is gone - now it's just drama and it's not interesting. Writers are cleary underestimating their audience by stupifying every logic.
  11. I sincerely hope that we are not done with the White Walkers yet. I mean those mythical creatures and the prophesies and the stroies are just done and done with like that? It would be just plain boring to watch the politics and strategy game over the throne to continue with the drunken Cersei as the big villain. This is just the worst imaginable ending arrrgghhh.
  12. Ghosteline

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    Totally agree. I truly truly hope that the Night King or some White Walkers somehow return. There is no friggin way I'm gonna watch some pathetic fight against a psycho drunken queen and watch numerous characters die in a stupid death over a throne.
  13. Arrrgh so friggin upset with this episode! There were so many more exciting fan theories out there than D&D's version of it. So the mythical feared demigod of death whose been excisting for thousands of years and in the stories of Westeros subconscious was just swept away like that. Thats it? And now they're fighting a half drunk evil b#### ? Arrghh pleaaaase. No White Walker fights? I kind of half fantasised that nobody can kill the Night King, only a dead person - which is Jon - the walking and living Ghost basically. But nope, it was the flying fairy Arya. It all could have been soooo much more interesting - giving so much more explanation to the Night King and all the stories, the prophesies etc. Shiiiiit.
  14. Ghosteline

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Good, just wondering if it's on a daily basis on regular hours. I'm worried about their wellbeing. About Shireen. If she was sacrificed to fulfill the AA prophecy and please r'hllor, what would the reaction be when Melisandre realises Stannis is not the AA and sacrificing Shireen was useless. I don't see Melisande/Stannis bond last very long.
  15. Ghosteline

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Funny how the show manages to make Ramsay look not that bad at all. I don't get it, are the other two dragons being fed at all?