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  1. Hmm, I also somehow just assumed they are intelligent, since from other stories or mythology they are portrayed as intelligent beings - but why didn't the show emphasize that, is beyond me. Drogon, did, however make an intelligent choice at the end.
  2. Biggest mistake in this whole season (and a bit with few previous seasons as well) has been the writing which doesn't feel like it "lives it's own life" through characters, but it is written and forced down the characters throats. Why Martins writing is so intelligent, is that the "characters write the script" so to speak. Which is why many things written by D&D and in the last season feel "out of place", out of character, disappointing and "left open". Heres just a fewww things: -If Dragons are so intelligent, they should've established that in the show more, to show how they can make intelligent decisions. -It would have been more interesting to see Danys turn to the dark side earlier and see her personal struggle. -Extremely illogical how none of the closest characters to Jon ever stood up for him and suggested him as Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the iron throne. -What happened to all the letters Varys sent out, or what was the purpose to film it in such detail if they weren't sent out - crappy visual storytelling. -Arya didn't use her face-swap skill at all????? -What happened to all the prophesies????? It was just a waste of time to even talk about them in eralier seasons if NONE of them were brought up. -The councel meeting felt like a bad joke, as if the actors were just rehearsing. Wheel was not broken, it was all the same again. - ..IF YOU WANNA MAKE BRAN AS A COOL CHOICE FOR A KING... How about include him in season 5, also how about show us more what Bran can see, establish him more, let us see into his world, maybe he could've warged a Dragon at some point - establish a character so that the viewers can root for him as well. Viewers have zero emotional connection with that creepy character. -WHY THE HECK was JON made into such a mindless halfwit - someone who has led so many wars, how can he be so blinded by love - I can't even. Like I said, the writing obviously comes from the writers and is forced upon the story, and not from the characters.
  3. Yes, for Sam, Davos, Tyrion, Arya, Sansa, Bran - for all of them it was ridiculously out of character and illogical for at least one of them to mention Jon and mention Aegon and his true heritage to the throne. I couldn't believe it. During the Tyrion/Jon conversation I was expecting Tyrion to call him Aegon any minute. I kind of feel like Jon never accepted his true heritage but if more people would have had then.... Just didn't make any sense at all.
  4. I absolutely hate how Jons character was rendered so dumb and useless. Would've been great to see he suddenly owning up to his real name Aegon, growing a spine and making bold decisions.
  5. Another note- if you try to imagine to listen all the dialogues without music in the background - I mean without the whiny violin in the background, all the dialogues are ridiculous and don't make sense.
  6. -I honestly predicted Dany becoming mad in the end.. but the way it was delivered was bollocks. -What was the point for Jon to be half Targaryen and rightful heir? What was even the point of this revelation? Why wasn't this mentioned anymore? -Arrrgh too many open ends (and I don't mind open ends but in this case it just feels like lazyness). -The show did owe it's huge fanbase at least one greatly satisfying culmination. None was satifying to be honest. -Lacked a lot of imaginative potential. I did't feel surprpised at all - just a big yawn. I was hoping for direwolf pack to return. -Arya didn't change faces at all???? -What or who is Bran.. like wtf. And what is he doing most of the time? Going to find Drogon?? For what?? Why? I have zero emotional bond with his character. -Councel meeting felt like actors were rehearsing while being half-drunk and tired. Tyrion is not smart not funny anymore, just tired and old. blaah don't even feel like typing any more, just sort of nothing to say. Disappointment.
  7. Good, just wondering if it's on a daily basis on regular hours. I'm worried about their wellbeing. About Shireen. If she was sacrificed to fulfill the AA prophecy and please r'hllor, what would the reaction be when Melisandre realises Stannis is not the AA and sacrificing Shireen was useless. I don't see Melisande/Stannis bond last very long.
  8. Funny how the show manages to make Ramsay look not that bad at all. I don't get it, are the other two dragons being fed at all?
  9. I also think that people are bashing on Kit and Emilia out of habit as its so easy to bash on young lead characters. But Kit has done great in this season. Shooting these scenes at Hardhome must have been exhausting for an actor, especially if your opponent is CGI'ed, a neon green suit with black dots on it. I was impressed by the genuine sheer horror and panic and desperation at the same time on Jons face. And fighting scenes as well. To trigger those strong emotions on a film set where you have to imagine your opponents must be pretty hard so I think that was really well acted. Not sure if having a large array of facial expressions necessarily makes a great actor.
  10. Did anyone else get suspicious about the hooded man that was in the boat with Jon and the rest? I kept thinking at any moment he or it is gonna stab someone. His face was hidden and he was facing the sea.
  11. ehmm, hold on, I don't get why everyones upset that The Other ignored Sam. We don't really even know what or who the Others are. They are a different life form...other than human...and can be intelligent as far as I understan. I don't think they are senseless killing machines. And we don't quite know yet what is their motive or what are they actually fighting for. That is all yet to come. So in my opinion we can't judge it since we don't know them anyway. And Sam does seem to be not threatening at all... so if I would be the Other... I also wouldn't give a shit about some whimpering creature thats hiding. I've got some more important business to take care of. :) ... right?!
  12. Ooh... that "please".. hmm.. well actually I had an impression that he said it to play a puppy to Arya (kindly and subtly mocking).
  13. Hmmm really interesting theories about the Throne Room scene... And the actor who played Jaqen H'gar is from Germany I think :)... I saw an interview where he speeks German. Well that german accent works for the role ;)... it wasn't so much the accent I was crazy about, it was more as if the ending of every word seemed to fade away somehow. He was like speaking from his stomach and not from his throat. Anyway... I like all these details :). Yes maybe we really should let him know what an awesome job he did! All in all yes, I did enjoy it. I mean there were some scenes which fell flat on me but I don't want to whine about it. ..as there were other awesome things I did enjoy :)
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