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  1. I liked the episode but as everybody else I noticed all the changes... I was surprised when they killed Rhakaro. Really? Why did they change it? I mean, he's important in the books, why would they want to kill him now? And I agree, the Littlefinger-Ros scene was unnecessary. It actually kinda freaked me out. And Mel seducing Stannis? I thought it was a little weird...I just didn't realize they had that kind of a relationship from the books. Also yes, it was kinda dumb to change Asha's name to Yara but if they think we're so stupid to think it's Osha, ok. I have friends who haven't read the books and they're watching the series, and they're really bad at remembering names, so I guess they wanted to make it easier to people who didn't read the books. The brains of us readers have more practice with the whole name-remembering thing. :P
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