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    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Asha was ok, I wasn't really taken in by the actor but they didn't keep the whole scene. Balon kinda reffered to her and she made a joke about Theon's garb, and earlier on horseback, she just kinda let Theon play with her while he brags. She didn't come off as a swaggering, confident type - wishing she had been born a man like Cersei, but she really didn't leave an impression. I'm a little miffed about the cliffhanger and I don't understand it. How hard would it have been for Gilly to have said, "he gives our sons to the Gods?" Leaving it a mystery to the viewer as to exactly what that means. If someone can explain this decision to me, please do. I'm not a purist by any stretch, changes for expediency, or because of budget limitation or time constraints is fine. But that ticked me off. Where is Patchface? Where is this dynamic between Queen's Men and King's Men? Where are the Reeds? I'm not upset about the damphair because he can be omitted without any great loss untill the events of the 4th book. I think this is the start of some serious deviation. Not that's necessarily a bad thing. I remember an interview with the showrunners that said each season won't so much tell the story of the book, but when it's viewed as a whole, will tell the story of "ASOIAF." Which I'm fine with.